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I made a completionist guide for The Witcher 3

TheWitcher7 - I made a completionist guide for The Witcher 3

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Hi! I finished The Witcher 3 back in 2016 and I didn't play the Expansions so now in 2019 I decided I'd hop back in. I am a completionist and I hate missing stuff. Unlucky for me, The Witcher 3 has A LOT of missable quests, items etc. I didn't want to spend half of my playtime on the phone, looking at wikis in case of missables so I decided I'd prepare myself.

This guide started out as a kind of a Platinum Trophy-guide, but it expanded into a checklist for missable quests, items and gwent cards in addition to mutations, skill tree, alchemy recipe list and general tips. I know it's a bit long but I like to be thorough.

As I wrote this guide for myself the order of events might be a bit confusing. The guide assumes you have finished the main game and are about to start the Expansions before moving on to New Game+. The reason we go through HoS and B&W twice is for missable loot due to diverging story paths.

I spent quite some time looking through different wiki pages, forum posts and other sites to compile this guide, so I thought that it might be of use to other people too. This guide is made out of research on the internet and not personal experience, so there might be mistakes. I'd very much appreciate any and all feedback and corrections you can think of.


I'm going to make changes based on feedback and as I play myself. If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer. Also, I figured imgur was a decent platform to post the guide on (so you don't have to dowload anything), but let me know if there would be a preferrable option, like a file sharing site where I could post the pdf or something.

If this guide helps at least one other person I'm happy! I know following a guide in a game like this is not something everyone likes to do, as it takes some weight out of "free choice" but I love the process of preparing well as much as other people like improvising so please don't yell at me for playing the game wrong lol.

Edit 1: I've uploaded a pdf version if someone wishes to download it. The guide is best printed out so you can use the checkmarks, and the quality is better in the pdf. The link to pdf dowload can be found at the beginning of the post.

Edit 2: thanks for the Gold stranger! Also I use this opportunity to say that the guide contains spoilers in case that wasn't clear.

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