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I really have to praise the writing for Thronebreaker

TheWitcher2 - I really have to praise the writing for Thronebreaker

I've been making my way through Thronebreaker, which I've been enjoying a lot but I had something happen last night that really surprised me.

For those who haven't played it, it's basically the Gwent story mode that CDPR has been talking about for a while and while it takes place in the Witcher universe, it's not super Witcher related. You play as a queen who is fighting against Nilfgaard and while (at least as far as I've gotten) you encounter some minor creatures like ghouls, you don't really encounter much in the way of magic or Witchers.


So I was playing last night, and one of the characters mentions werewolves which made me do kind of a double take and go "What? Werewolves? Werewolves don't exist in this game" before I realized that actually, yes they do. But the story (at least for me) is so engaging and I got so sucked in that even though I know this takes place in the Witcher universe, I also forgot that it takes place in the universe. And I think it's a real testament to the writing team to be able to create a spin-off game in the Witcher universe that doesn't rely on shoving things like magic and Witchers in your face to go "hey look this in the Witcher universe! See!".


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