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If the world isn’t to your liking I’m Witcher 3 it’s your issue

TheWitcher5 - If the world isn't to your liking I'm Witcher 3 it's your issue

You aren't viewing the game world through the proper lense. It isn't a modern American universal currency with eBay and Amazon, so if you ha e a meteorite ore in your farmers sack, how the hell do you expect to find a buyer for it? Most relicts are without value because look at real life relics. The only monetary value is that the people who played are interested in them pay to go visit museums all around the world, funding archeological digs and creating a growing bubble. If you go to the Mediterranean and atble upon an ancient suit of armor, I guarantee that you would not take it into battle and expect it to ha e any impact upon the outcome. You couldn't restore it and then add modern alloys to it because the base of the armor itself would be worn(to what degree obviously based on times and environment that it has been lost in for however many centuries it's been there. Hell, go back 200 years and grab a brand new firearm, and then come back and shoot at a group of white wolves and see how well you fair against them lol you must be a plant from Bethesda or EA or something. Ubisoft? Rockstar? "We pretend to know shot cuz our companies founders made a classic title called GTA 3 so we believe we are entitled to award winning games despite paying for people that learned to program, code and design in a university, instead f it being a passing such as the case is with ALL of the BEST GAMES. Skyrim isn't even close to on that list, either. Morrowind was for it's time. Oblivion much less so and skyrims only plus was the core game engine and designs from Morrowind so go tell people to socially distance so that they don't start asking questions when you don't let your kid come outside because you're scared they'll be informed of your domestic terrorism plots. P.S. The currency in this game has an exchange rate which means there isn't printable or minted cash enough to buy up every single trinket or price of pre that's been discovered by the random passerby. The part about not being able to find buyerseans they aren't able to find that chunk of pre eothwr. Biut if you've played any of these games or watched the series, you'd know that Geralt has incredible senses and recognizes the smells of what's hidden away in a random pouch or cupboard, which is why it flows. Glow=valuable to Geralt aka notices it. I hope you don't argue because I didn't give an opinion I laid a very casual, yet well articulated explanation for you in hopes that you aren't a plant and will instead give the game another shot while bearing in mind what I have just said. God bless you. If you are actually immersed you'd hear the things people say as Geralt walks by. They'd burn him on a pure of they could but thankfully he's a Witcher and has powerful friends so they can't. That's why only guards respond to looting. "It kills immersion because why would he steal their meteorite ore to craft a sword to kill a monster that's literally killing their children and boiling them down to just bone because it's their favorite broth? It's a brilliantly designed and finished product. Of you disagree, you should probably be at work using Microsoft paint to alter a skin to sell it for 5 dollars to impressionable children.


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