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I’m really starting to enjoy this game. Wow, you guys were right all along.

TheWitcher4 - I'm really starting to enjoy this game. Wow, you guys were right all along.

A little background: I played The Witcher 3 in 2015 for a brief period of time but it didn't resonate with me. I basically killed the Griffin and then set the controller down. I wasn't overly impressed with the game at that point and sort-of had a bad taste in my mouth about it, for whatever reason. Additionally, I was distracted with other games like GTA 5 which had just come out on PC, giving me my first chance to really play it since I didn't have a console at the time. A lot of other things were going on in my life and I just didn't have the patience to get involved in such a deep game.

Fast forward to today: I decided to give The Witcher 3 another go, this time with much more patience and a proper attention span. Yesterday I killed the Griffin, effectively catching me up to where I was before. As I transitioned into the next phase of the game, I found myself freshly drawn into the story and curious about where things would go. The world completely opened up and I got a true feeling of adventure while starting at impressively massive open-world maps. I started exploring and soon found myself killing groups of harpies near a lair of some sort. Shortly ahead, I saw this giant winged creature that was apparently guarding a treasure. With a foolish sense of confidence, I confronted it only to NOPE the fuck outta there as soon as I realized it could easily smash me! Lol. On the way back to the road I got surrounded by a huge horde of rabid dogs (way more than I expected) and got chewed to bits. After reviving, I fought them again and with some good movement and strategy, I was able to cut them down one by one.


I then got back on track with the quest I was working on to try and find access to the Baron castle. An old man gave me a hint and I ended up swimming underwater into a cave I had no idea existed to find a back entryway. What a cool exploratory moment that was. Anticipating that something lurked in the depths, I was confronted by some sort of witch that hurled mud all over my screen which was an effect that I wasn't expecting but really added to the moment. I lit her on fire and killed her shortly after. At that point, I had to stop playing for the day but have found myself thinking about the game ever since and can't wait to play more today. I know it's still early in the game and I've much to explore but I wanted to share this new impression which is effectively overwriting my shallow first impression from 2015.

Long story short: I'm glad I've given this game a second chance. Since playing it I find myself thinking about it even when I'm not playing. It's a really cool world they've created and I look forward to exploring as much as possible. The combat was weird and clunky at first, but it's growing on me and I'm finding myself starting to enjoy it. I really like the finishing move animations as you kill off enemies, they add a nice flair to the combat. I know the fanbase is strong in this game so I just wanted to share my experience and show you guys some respect. Your enthusiasm over the years is part of the reason that I decided to go back and give this game a try. For that I am thankful. Cheers.

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