The Witcher

In combat, do you set any limitations/restrictions on yourself?

TheWitcher4 - In combat, do you set any limitations/restrictions on yourself?

The Witcher 3 is, for me at least, one of the most immersive games around. It's a game you can just get lost in for days, particularly with the ability to mod basically every aspect of the game to your liking. But I'm wondering, in an effort to make the game feel more immersive, to "feel more like a Witcher", or to simply make the game more challenging, do you guys set any self-imposed restrictions on yourself?

I have a few, personally. I've been known to break them, but I try not to.

-Perhaps most drastically, I severely limit my Quen usage. Quen is perhaps the most useful mechanic in the game… to the point where it's almost too much, and can be a crutch. Personally, I try to limit my Quen uses to one per combat, and I have to use it BEFORE the fight starts. My reasoning for this is that Quen takes at least a few moments of preparation, and doing it in the middle of combat would be suicide. I find it makes combat more dynamic and dangerous. I generally get one free shot, and after that, I'm vulnerable. I will bend this a little bit, however, if a boss is giving me particular trouble, if I'm dealing with an annoying random encounter when I'd really rather just be getting to my destination (fuck you, boars), or if an enemy has "Quen" as one of their listed weaknesses in the bestiary.

-I'm primarily an alchemy build, and anyone who's tried one knows that they can get insanely powerful. However, though I take potions in the middle of combat when I need them, in my mind, I pretend that Geralt actually took the potions before combat, in keeping with the lore of the series. Same thing with applying oil for swords. So, if there's a reasonable chance that Geralt knew what enemy he was about to face- he's an expert tracker, so most encounters in the wilderness fall under this category for me- I have free reign on potions and oil. If it's a total ambush, however, and Geralt would have had no real way of knowing what he was fighting, then I can't use any potions, beyond maybe a swallow if things get bad. For an alchemy build, this severely limits you, and it's quite fun.


-And lastly, bombs. Bombs are quite underpowered and impotent in the base game, but I downloaded a mod that significantly boosts their power. Multiplies it, actually. I love it, because I believe bombs SHOULD be insanely powerful, devastating things that are on par with sorcery for pure destructive potential. There are few things more satisfying, in any game, than to throw a grapeshot (with clusterbomb) into a crowd of bandits, and just watch the pieces fly. However, because I increased the power of my bombs by so much, I severely limit how much I can use. It makes sense to me that quality bombs would be quite expensive to make, and though game!Geralt has enough money to buy half of Nilfgaard, I regard this as just a game mechanic. Geralt, in my mind, is more like he is in the books: constantly scrounging for money, barely making enough to upkeep his equipment and pay for his meals. So, even though Geralt can hold a very high amount of bombs, I throw them quite sparingly. But when I do use them, it's INSANELY satisfying.

Those are the main ones. Arbitrary, possibly, and I'm not super dogmatic about sticking to them, but I do find it makes the game more of a challenge on death march. You guys have any?

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