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In-Depth Guide The witcher 3 Mod + Advice

TheWitcher4 - In-Depth Guide The witcher 3 Mod + Advice

Premise: I'm not English, they could be grammatical errors, sorry.

Premise 2: The post is long, better read in front of the pc .

Hi, if it is the first time you enter the world of modding on TW3, this guide will work for you. It can also be useful for those who use mod for some time too.

Step right to the point, first of all no installation by hand, risk of combining a mess with folders and files, download The The Witcher 3 Mod Manager very useful for total management of your mods, does not need big explanations is very intuitive and easy to use. Then you will need the Script Merger, detects conflicts between mods and helps you solve them, either by creating merged files that overriding the conflicting ones, or by configuring a custom load order for your mods (Important). Merges are easy to undo because they do not change the original mod or game files. Go to main page for full desc explanation, to better understand how it works. These two are essential for everything, now I will recommend what I think are the most appropriate and which are not.

Recommended by me :

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project: This project aims to improve the graphics by reworking models and textures to better quality preserving the original art style. Highly recommended. Must have mod.

All NPC Scabbards 1.22 including DLC: This mod adds sheaths needed for every sword in the game.

Auto Apply Oils: A mod which automatically applies the most effective oil at the start of combat, it is not game breaking, it will only allow you to skip a step and speed up the process.

Beautiful Grass Mod V3: Changes the grass types for White Orchard, Velen, Skellige, and Kaer Mohren. Highly recommended.

Better Horse Equipment: It's extremely convenient for subsequent playthroughs and lets you use any horse gear that looks good without worrying about stats.

– Better Torches –: Climb, block, parry, cast, sail, and ride horses without putting your torch away, very useful in caves especially while climbing rocks and not you stay in the dark.

Better Trophies: Replaces the boring vanilla trophies bonuses, highly recommended.

E3Quen: The look of the E3 2014 (Blue, instead of yellow / orange) Quen sign is back.

Friendly HUD: This module offers a lot of options to configure HUD modules as well as adds 3D markers for quest and NPC. I use it especially for the detection of "! / ?" in the map, instead of always opening the map to go see where they are, thanks to the witcher senses will appear on the screen, very customizable.

Friendly Meditation: Meditate in real time and see the world around you. Highly recommended.

Geralt HairWorks Colors and Styles: Geralt's hair and eyebrows. I personally only use realHair and realBeard.

Health Regen Options: Adds different health regeneration options. I use it only to cure myself in meditation on Broken Bones and DeathMarch, much more realistic, the others folders you can delete it, if you don't want an easy life in hard difficulties.

Increased Draw Distance: Allows for an increase and customization of in-game draw distance and level of detail.

See desc page, with this mod need to download and install Shared imports and modBootstrap and Utilities.

Lamp on Player's boat: This is a simple lamp to the player boats. Good at night.

All Quest Objectives On Map: Shows on map like tracking multiple quests in the same time. You can also change the currently tracked objective without going to the Quests menu.

New Clouds : This changes the texture of the Heavy Clouds. There are many ways to change texture clouds, personally I prefer this here, over the others mod that changes the textures of clouds. Download the Heavy Clouds V2.


No Dirty Lens Effect: This is very simple mod removes the "dirty lens" or "lens dirt" effect found in the game.

Remove Screen Water Droplets Effect: Removes the water droplets effect while raining.

Roach Never Stops: Makes Roach unstoppable. Highly recommended, because we all know the controls of the horse in this game.

Sort Everything: Sorting for books menu, crafting menu, journal menu and inventory (partial).

Super Turbo lighting Mod: Lighting change for all zones. The Lightining are subjective, after many tests, this seemed to me the best. Highly recommended. Hint: go to "Forum" scroll down until you find STML 2.1 and download it instead of STML 3.2 I do not recommend it.

Geralt Torch Radius Options : Sets the radius for Geralt from the double to 5 times the vanilla radius. Download the x2, the rest makes the flashlight too powerful.

Unification patch for 1.32 – 1.31 – 1.31GOTY – 1.31A game versions (UPatch): See desc at page. Need for others mod.

Not recommended by me:

Over 9000 – Weight limit mod.

Fast Travel from Anywhere: stupid mod i hate it, ruins the magic aspect of the game completely.

Always Full Exp (1.31) and xp gain multiplier in general.

– Reshades in general: useless, only lightining is needed to change the color filter, and are hard to uninstall.

– Mods that modify the economy, ex: Better Merchants, Fair prices ecc.. all are game breaking, you become too rich, if you exploit it well.

Lore-friendly Witchers or The Butcher of Blaviken Lore-Friendly Geralt: geralt is better without white eyebrows and catlike eyes.

Improved Sign effects: useless, it is already good in vanilla, it also drops fps in some cases.

– Immersive or Absolute Camera: personal preference, for me i prefer the vanilla camera.

AutoLoot Configurable All-in-One (1.30-1.31): personal preference, i don't like it.

– Mod that changes weather or wind: broken mods, i don't like it.

The Enhancement System, Ghost Mode or Witcher 3 – Enhanced Edition: Never used, i prefer so far the vanilla combat system.

Wiedzmin Lighting Mod: hard to install, i prefer so far the STML, it's good though.

More Shadows: no big difference, drops fps in some cases.

E3DodgeSystem: is ok but, the long dodge, i don't like it.. Geralt looks like a dancer.

No time for Gwent: No please.. always play Gwent is fun as hell.

There are tons of stupid or useless mods, you only need to improve the game with just the right mod, the basic game is already well done.

Thanks for reading, I lost a few hours to write this post, I did it because there are no guides that tell you what to do and what to download, this is for the benefit of everyone, who want to play the best of The witcher 3. If you have to advise me some mods, I'll take a look, good day.

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