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In the world of the Witcher, what is the cost of living?

TheWitcher2 - In the world of the Witcher, what is the cost of living?

In the game, Geralt gets maybe anywhere from 50 crowns to 300 to 600 for doing a contract. It's usually begrudgingly given, as though it may be half of their money for the month, or maybe nearly all they have in savings, or they had to pool the money of the townsfolk to get it. I think it was also said in the books that the floren to crowns exchange rate was 6:1. In one of the books, some trappers get a bounty on a gang member for about 36 or so florens, which seems like a lot to them or at least a pretty crazy weekend for a group. In the books, Geralt was given 3000 florens to save the king's daughter from a curse of about a decade, that essentially forced them to relocate their castle. Also in the books: 50 crowns for a werewolf. 150-200 crowns for a wyvern.


But their world isn't ours. Geralt doesn't pay rent, or taxes the same way we do, or utilities, or other random bills. But some do. If you were to breakdown the main aspects of a cost of living for the world of the Witcher, how would you go about it? And if Geralt doesn't pay rent and all of that due to his nomadic nature, how long does the money from these contracts last or where does it all go, compared to the life of a peasant farmer who last land and all of that to upkeep?


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