The Witcher

I’ve just beaten the game for the first time and I loved it

TheWitcher2 - I've just beaten the game for the first time and I loved it

To be honest I never cared a lot about this game. Medieval fantasy never caught my attention and I had never looked for any gameplay; but knowing how well this game was awarded, I wanted to give it a try.

So, after playing it by almost two weeks, I think I can say this is one of the best games I've ever played, or at least one of my favorites. The complexity and density from the quests, lore and characters is something unique I have only seen in a few games and truly made me feel immersed in a special, impressive way.

Every choice and dialog with the characters went very naturally and it were rare the times I was left without a fitting option, and wow, it truly impressed me how different your path can be. For example, the endings had a lot of variations and some of them actually changed the rest of your open-world experience, such as if either the Nilfgaardians or Redanians wins the war and I only noticed that when I looked up for other endings.

I also have to mention the story, and by that I mean not only the main campaign lore, but the universe this game brings to life aswell. The main campaign is great and really thrilling, with a lot of remarkable quests that brought different emotions, like the Battle of Kaer Morhen or when you visit the Isle of Mists, not to mention the quest branches that actually does affect your story. The lore or backstory is shockingly rich, with a LOT of lore items telling stories from the Witcher universe. I didn't have time to read them all, but it's a LOT.


I think what most made me love the game were the characters. Each of them are really unique and have their own stories, making you actually care for them. Personally one of my favorite characters is Ciri and I loved how her story and daughter-father relation with Geralt was developed; there truly were lots of emotions and chemistry between them. Well, not to mention other characters like Triss, Yen, Zoltan, the baron, etc (couldn't think of more rn), they were good too.

Also the ambientation is really amazing and unique. I remember when I first arrived at Skellige and noticed how different, prettier it was from Velen and Novigrad. it looked a lot more like a Skyrim map with all those snowy peaks and pine trees than the previous regions in the game, truly a different and new experience. Also what impressed me is how each island in Skellige is different from each other, they are totally different places with different and unique quests.

In the other side tho, I thought the beggining was too slow paced and the end a bit rushed and to be honest I'd like to have had a bit more quests with Ciri and Geralt. Also, the story, mainly in the beggining, could have been trimmed just by a little, giving more time to the mid-end quests.

Overall I loved this game so much, yet I still feel like I have a lot to do, like completing the DLCs, some sidequests and contracts. Im really looking forward to Cyberpunk2077 and my respect and trust for CDPR has in fact increased after playing TW3.

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