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Just beat the first Witcher game…

TheWitcher9 - Just beat the first Witcher game...

…And I had a couple of unanswered questions, particularly about the ending. Idk if the next game will answer them or not, but I was hoping you guys could shed some light on a few things for me. If you could, I'd greatly appreciate it! Here goes:

  1. When Geralt is making his way through the streets of Vizima to face off against the Grand Master, a refugee leads him into a secret hideaway. While there, I tried talking to Yaevinn (I sided with the Scoia'tel) and all he says is that we have to hurry but afterwards Geralt makes an ominous comment about how "this place has a strange effect on me". The game never goes any further than that though. Was this some kind of plot point that got dropped in development? What does he mean "this place has a strange effect on me"? What kind of effect?
  2. Speaking of that hideout, somehow both the Hermit and the Resolute Girl from Murky Waters are there. Why though? Vizima is in flames, wouldn't it be safer for them to remain in Murky Waters? What are they doing in that safehouse?
  3. What ever happened to Alvin. He disappeared during the fight between Toruviel and the Order of the Flaming Rose, and it is never stated what happened to him after that. The game seems to hint that the Grand Master, Jacques de Aldersberg, is really an older Alvin that somehow traveled back in time from the future, but if so that raises a ton of other questions! Where did Alvin teleport to? Why didn't he teleport back? What happened to make him so cynical and caused him to go crazy? I get he had visions of the White Frost or whatever but is that really enough to drive a person insane? And why does he seem to hold a grudge against Geralt? Geralt was the one who saved Alvin's life and took him in, why would Alvin hate him? Moreover, why did he change his name? And if Jacques is Alvin from the future after he accidentally teleported away from the aforementioned fighting, then how the fuck does that work because Alvin teleported away because the Order of the Flaming Rose attacked the elves in Murky Waters. If Jacques is the leader of the Order, that means he must've been the one to give the command to attack Toruviel. But why would he do that if he knew that would cause his younger self to teleport away, thus becoming Jacques? And what about before Alvin teleported away and became Jacques during the fighting? If the fighting is what caused Alvin to teleport and become Jacques, but Jacques is the one who ordered the Order to attack the elves, then wouldn't the two cancel each other out because without Jacques giving the order to attack the elves, Alvin wouldn't have teleported away and wouldn't have become Jacques, meaning Jacques wouldn't have gone back in time to give the order to attack the elves causing Alvin to- DEAR GOD I HATE TIME TRAVEL.
  4. And lastly, since the game hinted that Jacques was Alvin because he was wearing a dimetrium amulet and Geralt and Dandelion acknowledged this, why was Geralt so calm when mentioning this to Dandelion? You'd think he'd be more distraught, having just found out that the madman responsible for so much carnage and whom he just stabbed with a sword was Alvin from the future! Sorry for the long post, and thanks to anyone who answers! XD

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