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Just beat The Witcher 3 for the first time and… I’m very pleased.

TheWitcher4 - Just beat The Witcher 3 for the first time and... I'm very pleased.

Hey r/witcher, new fan here.

A couple weeks back I decided to grab some games for sale on Steam, one of which being The Witcher 3. I had no former knowledge of the series and honestly; it didn't seem like my kind of game, but with the ratings being so positive and it being marked 'game of the year', I decided 'eh, why not?'.

All I can say is: 'HOLY CRAP'. I've played my fair share of games, but none have quite had such a gripping story as this one. The cast is incredibly likable (or detestable, which for story reasons is excellent) and some of the game's moments were very powerful (Vesemir, F). In a way, it felt like a really good movie, and I truly appreciate the thought and effort put into by its creators.


In some instances, it felt a bit awkward having not played the game's prequels, though the game generally does a decent job explaining the characters' roles, so it wasn't ever too confusing. That said though, I'm quite interested in the prequels now. Books have always been my least preferred medium, but I wouldn't mind picking them up at some point, seeing as I liked the plot that much.

This was a game that really flew past my radar, but I can gladly say that I've found and enjoyed it. And it's not like it's over either– I've still got new game+ and sidequests to do and the brilliant fanworks to admire. The game's not perfect, but I'd be damned if it isn't high up there.

TLDR; EA bad Geraldo good

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