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Just shy of 5 Years too late

TheWitcher9 - Just shy of 5 Years too late

Disclaimer: I'm not a very good writer so I'm going to type this as it comes into my head.

So isolation has been pretty shit for me, I won't get into it, but know it was shit.

I've meant to play the Witcher 3 since it was released, but due to so many reasons combined with a very short attention span, it just never happened. I think on previous attempts i got to the Baron, 4 times, then shut it off. In March, I got told by my employer to stay home, and the Government (UK) will pay me for it, and now suddenly I have a lot of time on my hands, to just stay home, and find ways to keep my mind content. I watched the Series, I've read the first two books, and I just had to finally play.

This game has literally been my saviour while I've been stuck at home. So I wanted to just write down my thoughts.

Firstly, this is without a doubt, taking everything into account, the Numero Uno. It has it's flaws, and other games do a better job in certain areas, but this absolute work of art that CDPR have created has probably ruined all other games for me, until they (more than likely) raise the bar again. I find it hard to put into words just how much better this is than everything else.

I am not a fan of open world games. I like a linear story I can chip through, with a straight and narrow path. But there is something about this world that pulls you in until the next thing you know, the night is starting to get light and you're fighting against yourself to turn it off and not just go check out that mysterious marker, or follow that little detail. It is lovingly, meticulously, beautifully crafted where I actually feel like I am wandering around a continent that exists, filled with so many varied, personal little stories of these characters that in other games would just be part of the furniture. The environments themselves are so rich with detail and mystery I could happily turn off all NPC's and walk. I would typically rather be pushed along a story level by level, but I keep coming back to exist in this world, and I can't get enough.


The story itself is rich, vibrant, full of so many charming and fascinating characters, each with their own INTERESTING story and history. I got the feeling that these polygons actually existed and lived their life before and after I walked Geralt over to the little '!' about their heads. I wanted to know more about each and every one, where between quests I was googling all I could just for more context, where it was available. The Main Story in my opinion was fantastic. As you progress and meet new areas you find new side quests that actually compliment the bigger picture. You of course have your smaller quests that may have nothing to do with Main path, but none of these are filler, every single one was in their own little way, special. You have all these personal stories, side by side with this adventure that slowly but surely organically ramps up in scale to a conclusion that in my opinion (depending on your ending of course), could not have been better.

That is all I wanted to put down for now, more of a note to myself than anything. I don't want to get into the menus, the combat, and customisation and all the other parts that make the game, because I wouldn't know when to stop.

The Witcher 3 really is the sum of its parts, where the vast majority of those parts when compared to other games are untouchable.

Now time for the expansions!

PS. Fuck Gwent.

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