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Just two cents on the Netflix series

TheWitcher7 - Just two cents on the Netflix series

This probably isn't going to last long, but I've been thinking a lot about why the Netflix casting is so low grade irritating, and I came to this conclusion:

We are told over and over that being 'colorblind' is wrong, that 'not seeing race' is racist. That a human being is their skincolor, that their identity is wrapped up in their race and all the baggage and history that carries with it, which is not to be ignored, glossed over, or forgotten for even a moment.

….Except apparently when it comes to film. THEN, we are supposed to check all the baggage at the door, turn a blind eye to skin color, it's the characters that count after all, they could be literally any color for no reason and it doesn't impact the story at all!


So which is it Hollywood? Is racial identity crucial, or is skin color a superficial quality, to be ignored in favor of character? I really wish you'd just pick one and stick to it, rather than flip flop at your convenience.

P.S. I think the Brits are a lot better about this sort of thing, for the record. It didn't seem strange when Guinevere was blackish in Merlin because a black British person is just a British person, and they've established that for awhile. But whatever. I'm just a random person on the internet. Don't listen to me.

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