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Leveling Up Aerondight: Best Method (poss spoilers)

TheWitcher3 - Leveling Up Aerondight: Best Method (poss spoilers)

Felt the need to post this as there are plenty of new players about and there is some very bad advice on google on how to get the best out of this sword.

You get it in Toussaint from the Lady of the Lake, so it is a late game sword but due to it's unique ability to level up with the player you will keep using it in NG+1 as it is the best sword in the game. However loads of people (me included) don't realise it doesn't level up automatically: you need to charge it by chaining 10 fast hits or 5 strong hits. Once it is charged on ten and glowing white hot a hit with it resulting in a kill raises its level by two, with a total of ten needed to max it every time Geralt moves up a level.

Now once I realised it required this (NG+1 early) I checked and I was 88 out of a 100, so I had been leveling the sword reasonably well anyway. I googled leveling it up and got some extremely bad advice which I followed and it is dire, BUT some of the first hits on google. You DO NOT need to select manual selection of swords and then go and fight wolves with it, one of the most irritating fights in the game anyway, even more so with a silver sword. You do not need to use Aard on them to get insta kills, nor to you need to go Kaer Morhen to an area with 7 bears and kill them, slowly, all the while wrecking your sword.

So I was in White Orchard or Velen when I realised the sword needed actively leveling up on NG+1. I run a Cat/Quen build heavily reliant on hitting hard and not taking hits so chaining the required hits was basically how that build wins fights. I can see why why a tank build that doesn't use Quen may struggle but I would suggest you simply change your build/strategy until the sword is leveled each time you go up.


What you need to rapidly level the sword up is Whirl/Quen/Tawny owl. You need to chain the hits without taking physical damage as it halves them so always having Quen as a buffer is your no. 1 priority. Whirl will quickly build your chain. Both are reliant on plenty of stamina so Tawny Owl is a must. When you have no Quen then just dodge everything.

Nekkers, Drowners, Endregas and Ghouls are the best opponents that I have found so far. Rotfiends are a massive no. Bigger beasts will help but you are only ever going to get 2 points for a longer fight.

Leave monsters nests and infested villages alone until you advance a level: you have a ton of Aerondight fodder lined up for when you need it. Make a note of re-spawning infestations and hit them when you need to. You should be able to get 2-4 points from most 4+ monster groups you meet. Ghouls are best of all: they can regenerate, let them for extra hits. Pick your targets to build the chain of hits: fight them in ones or twos and then chose when to go for the kill.

Don't bother with oil unless fighting higher level beasts. While fighting wolves with silver swords is a stupid idea, the principle of nerfing your attack a bit holds. Oils will make you too OP. Less damage=more hits.

Monster-related Secondary Quests, Treasure Hunts and Witcher Contracts can be saved similarly for occasions when you need to level fast. Playing through the Novigrad missions can level you up 2-3 times without you ever having the chance to fight monsters (one mission excepted) leaving your Aerondight behind you. People might even swap it out without realising.

TL:DR: Whirl/Quen/Tawny Owl, leave monster locations/missions until you need to level the sword up, target low-level but multiple monsters, don't get hit without Quen. Dodge is you best friend.

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