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list of Witcher 3 writing problems I noticed

TheWitcher11 - list of Witcher 3 writing problems I noticed

I think the Witcher 3 has overall amazing writing but here are the prominent flaws I noticed: SPOILERS below obviously

  1. Crones being careless with Ciri and letting her escape. how do they not prevent this through magic or just common sense, considering her status and value
  2. Baron surviving the cockatrice attack
  3. Uma randomly introduced to the player by just bursting down the door screaming. lazy way to foreshadow an essential element of the story
  4. baron attacks swamp with 5 guards instead of a legion of men. its also silly that no one important dies as a direct result of fighting a bunch of drowners, water hags, and a fiend. if crones are so powerful why dont they do anything further to kill everyone there
  5. xenovox is basically a phone yet it isn't used anywhere in the story except for a throwaway side quest with keira metz…geralt y u no keep that and give to yen? why does yen and nilfgard not possess something of such extraordinary power and utility
  6. too many peasants picking a fight with geralt, despite the infamous reputations of witchers in general and geralt's specific reputation…"butcher of blaviken"
  7. triss not trying harder to protect herself from witch hunters. instead of magically altering her appearance or at the very least changing clothes, hair color/style, etc. she just puts a hood on. and it pretty much works. um?
  8. dandelion doesn't get caught after being freed, despite the whole point being that he was never released. he's pretty damn famous so why is he running a popular brothel and walking around in his bright purple outfit if he should be in jail? no one knows or cares i guess
  9. skald surviving the wild hunt attack, despite them killing for far less. why didnt they torture him for info considering he helped ciri escape? also he wakes up for a split second to see uma which is vital to the plot
  10. risking the Djinn wish considering the larger things at stake. why u do this yen?
  11. stranger in a strange land quest: Geralt willingly going to jail considering the larger things at stake. wtf all around, that should not have happened EVER. and once hes in jail hes saved by the most convenient mans in the world who happens to have something on a guard so geralt can leave.
  12. udalryk quest: the entire baby in the furnace thing…like she risked not only hurting the baby (how did she know geralt would quen it…) but also she killed two innocent men who attacked me and put udalryk himself in danger. what a shitty plan why couldnt i just fight the ghost
  13. ciri, dandelion, geralt, AND yen all remembering that really long elf speech curse verbatim.
  14. hjalmar can go fight at kaer morhen but not his sister or dad (when hes king). um? why cant they send like 100 soldiers to help either? its either all or nothing apparently?
  15. geralt not busting down the dwarf hut when ciri is inside and the wild hunt could show up at any moment. hurry up stop humoring their requests
  16. crones absolute push-overs in their fight. i mean honestly they are basically water hags lmao so much for the implication that they are super powerful beings
  17. mages are super op. triss cock torture, fireballs, instant teleportation, owl transformations, mind controlling three poeple simultaneously while blind? why doesnt phillipa just fireball radovid on his ship or mind control his guards to cut his head off?
  18. radovid actually leaving his ship to go find phillipa despite his paranoia. wat? also geralt being saved is total contrivance
  19. djikstra is not stupid enough to think geralt, ves, and roche would be killed by a couple mercenaries. nor is he dumb enough to do this weird speech beforehand without getting an edge on them by having them put in totally vulnerable positions
  20. caranthir doesnt just grab geralt and teleport him 100 ft in the air so he goes splat. or send him to bottom of ocean, which he does later but only when ice conveniently melted.
  21. geralt is frozen solid but no one kills him

so yeah those are the writing flaws i noticed. if anyone can dispute some of them im open to hearing out arguments, i think witcher 3's writing is mastercraft but yeah


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