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Looking for a reason to play the game again? Our mod, The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition, just got a huge update and is better than ever

TheWitcher10 - Looking for a reason to play the game again? Our mod, The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition, just got a huge update and is better than ever

Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition (W3EE) is a total gameplay overhaul that turns The Witcher 3 into the game we had hoped to play when we saw all the trailers. An openworld with true freedom without arbitrary level-gating, playing a character who feels skilled but is stuck with a dangerous profession in a harsh world.

W3EE maintains a careful balance between realism, challenge, and fun. Slip-ups in combat get punished harshly but are not unrecoverable, and -being a witcher- you'll notice tangible rewards for researching your opponent and preparing accordingly.

Some features:

  • MANY bug fixes! The vanilla game had a lot of mechanics that didn't work as intended, or were just plain broken. W3EE fixes hundreds of them.
  • Levels are removed in their entirety. There are no situations where you can slay a mighty griffin in 3 hits, travel 5 minutes, and get one-shot by a peasant wielding a shitty stick. This doesn't mean progression is gone; skills and gear will still improve over the course of your playthrough, they're simply no longer tied to reaching a certain level.
  • Combat now has the depth of an ocean instead of a puddle. The skill ceiling is raised dramatically with many new moves such as counter-types, kicks, special slashes, manual targeting and distance control. The first few hours are brutal, but you'll slowly develop into a master swordsman who deserves the title.
  • Alchemy is nuanced and highly interactive. Potions, oils, and bombs get stronger if you craft them with higher quality ingredients. You can even create potions with new effects. While your stock of them is no longer infinite, alchemy items are no longer crafted with specific ingredients, but with 6 different essences that can be found in various ingredients. You'll not be on the look out for one specific ingredient that can only be found in one area of the game.
  • Preparation is key: monsters have pronounced strengths and weaknesses that will either leave you crippled or give you the higher ground in a fight. In vanilla, the only property a wraith had was a weakness to specter oil. Now, the spectral attacks of wraiths render your armor useless, and have low but regenerating health; while they can be easily dealt by fighting them in the sunlight and crippling them with the new veil oil.
  • Relic gear is unique, viable, and highly varied. Relic swords are now truly legendary, being unique and difficult to acquire, and each having a unique set of stats and abilities. Iris and Aerondight are no longer the only swords with interesting powers, there are now dozens of them.
  • New items including new two-handed weapons with unique animations, and oils that aren't restricted to a monster category and actually add temporary abilities (like Rime Oil which adds freezing properties to your sword).
  • A realistic and balanced economy. Geralt keeps reminding us that a Witcher's pay is low, yet in the original game you had the salary of a king. Now you need to loot intelligently and spend your money wisely. The quantities also make more sense, you'll rarely have more than 3000 crowns, but armors no longer cost up to 40.000 crowns, which is far more believable.

There is much, much more to cover, but I hope some of this has caught your interest. Please check it out on our nexus page and/or watch some gameplay on YouTube.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on the path!

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