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Magic Lamp and randomization questions

TheWitcher1 - Magic Lamp and randomization questions

Hi. I’m looking for a little information, hopefully with no spoilers.

I was looking for an elf with Kiera, and, after a fairly long time spent underground, in the dark and fighting underground creatures, that part of the quest ended with me getting instructions to go to a bog.

She then told me that she wanted to look for a magic lamp that the elf owed her, and I instinctively said yes, because I tend to accept offers like that. But as soon as I said yes, she ran even deeper into the underground area, and I was not in the mood to spend anymore time underground.

I’m used to just being able to accept any quest, and then put it on my backlog to come back to later. In this case, although it didn’t make real life sense, I assumed I could run outside, do a few days worth of stuff, run back and she would still be underground trying to figure out the first puzzle of her Magic Lamp quest.

But instead she called out “Geralt, you were supposed to help me.“ Then the game told me “Magic Lamp: Failed.”

A new quest appeared in my log — basically an invitation to just go visit her, with the implication that we would be doing more than just talking, but with a recommended level of 6, implying it was going to be a little dangerous than just not-talking.

My first thought was that maybe visiting her would reopen a chance to do the Magic Lamp quest. My second thought was that even if it didn’t, a little “not–talking” with Kiera sounds a lot better than spending any more time underground.

My third thought was that this might be a woman scorned, specifically one with magic powers, and the invitation might be some kind of trap. On the other hand, I don’t even quite know when I got the invitation, unless the quest was just harkening back to dialogue we had already had in which she implied I should come visit her sometime.


Finally, I reloaded the last save before the Magic Lamp subject came up at all, and even before she had given me that little labyrinth-looking pendant that will allow me to see through illusions.

A few questions.

Q: Can I just postpone the Magic Lamp quest and do it with her later?

Q: Will the Magic Lamp quest be another long underground one?

Q: If I can’t postpone the magic lamp quest, and I skip / fail it instead, will there be any consequences? Will she try to kill me the next time I see her?

Q: An interesting thing happened after I reloaded my save. The game took me back to before I had to searched the room, and it seemed like this time I found a slightly different set of books lying around. Are some of the objects in the game placed randomly?

Last note, not really a question:

During our hunt for the Elf, she kept saying “Gavella Glan.“ But whenever I start to Google for that, or for her name, the search results seem to immediately give me huge spoilers for what’s ahead in the game. (Even when Google tries to auto-complete what I might type after her name, it looks like a major spoiler.)

Sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised by how well the world in general avoids giving spoilers — for movies, TV shows, even games. I got the full impact of every surprise in Horizon Zero Dawn. But I’m thinking that might not be as guaranteed with this game.

Again, not really a question 🙂

Anyway, I’ve restored my game to before she asks me about Magic Lamp. So maybe I’ll call it a night — wait and hope to get an answer before I tell her yes or no.

Thanks in advance.

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