The Witcher

Main Quest & Secondary Quests

TheWitcher4 - Main Quest & Secondary Quests

I am doing a fresh play through of the Witcher 3 on Pc, I just wanted to know (since I never got SUPER far into the game) are there any quests that I might accidentally stumble upon that could fail another quest? My plan is to mainly focus on side content and progress slowly through the Main story but I just want to make sure by mainly focusing on the secondary content eg, Gwent, secondary quests, witcher contracts, treasure hunts ect. Will any of the side quests interfere with my overall experience with the main quest too? I know there are some that do alter the plot significantly but regarding that, should I feel safe doing playing the game this way?


I know the game can be played however anyone pleases, but I want to ideally experience ALL the content in this game and I would rather get through it with minimal failed quests or general mess ups that would restrict me from doing more side or main content. (I hope this all makes sense)


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