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My 2nd Playthrough of Witcher 3: A Love Letter

TheWitcher2 - My 2nd Playthrough of Witcher 3: A Love Letter

Hey all – first post here. I really just want to say one thing:

I had no clue what The Witcher series was back in 2015. I remember looking at the new releases the week it came out on the PS Store, watched a few trailers of it, and asked my parents to buy it for me – I was 14 (don’t tell the Feds)! My parents have always been very ‘laxed with letting me play mature games, and as you might guess, I didn’t understand the majority of the political intrigue happening in the game or a good bit of the character motivations and relationships. However, I played the game all the way to completion over the course of 3 months; I remember finishing the day before I started Freshman year, funnily enough. Ever since then, I’ve considered The Witcher 3 to be my favorite game I’ve ever played. It was the first open-world RPG I played and actually enjoyed (sorry, Skyrim & Fallout 3), the action setpieces and cutscenes blew my mind, Geralt’s search for Ciri captivated me like no other game except The Last Of Us, and not knowing that the choices I made had legitimate consequences on the characters and world sent me into a spiraling case of depression. Those factors alone made it my favorite game ever.


Now – almost 4 whole years later – I’ve finally started a second playthrough. I would constantly think about The Witcher 3 throughout random times during this span and consider booting it up for another run, but never did. I’m happy to say that I finally have though because I have a newfound appreciation for this game upon my second playthrough. Being 18 and having a teeny tiny little bit of life/real-world experience under my belt, I’m finally able to understand the politics of the world. I’m able to weigh the risks and rewards of my action on me and those surrounding me. I’m able to appreciate the minute-to-minute lives and details of the characters. 4 years later, I’m finally just able to appreciate the total package that is The Witcher 3, and for that, I am grateful that this game exists. It’s changed the way I look at stories and characters, it’s changed the way I look at videogames, and it helped me realize that I want to tell stories in my own way; I’ll be going to college to study screenwriting so that I can hopefully give somebody half of what this game’s story and world has given me.

TLDR; The Witcher 3 was my favorite game 4 years ago at age 14. The Witcher 3 is still my favorite game today at age 18. Thanks CDProjektRed. 🙂

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