The Witcher

My experience with the game (repost)

TheWitcher11 - My experience with the game (repost)

I never knew what this game is, I just thought it's a boys fantasy crap. One day I saw Game of the Year Edition on sale, so why not, give it a try and see how things go.

Here I'm 200+ hours later, absolutely addicted to the game and I don't want to be cured.

Best choice ever, when I purchased this game.

Especially these shit days, I just lose myself in the world, wander the forest, enjoy rainy nights, travel around to search for Armor diagrams. Change choices and see what happens. Wander around Toussaint and it's beautiful hills. So on and so forth.

I think the only gripe I have with this game is how much it takes to raise the character level, but I guess I was able to overlook that since by the time I go to Yennefer in Skellige I'm like level 17.

I could never understand why some people complain that it's too long, I complain that what I got is not enough. I want more and more and more.


Here are some things I guess I like to know some of the fans' thoughts. I never interacted with Witcher fans that's why 🙂

What do you think about Triss and Yennefer?

Here's my opinion.

Honestly, I cannot stand Yennefer, it feels like someone involved with her will have to walk on eggshells, to avoid drama. But I admit some of the banters between them is funny.

Triss (I understand she is not that good of a person in the book, at least what I heard) But Game Triss is nice and gentle, easy-going, wants to help her fellow mages to save their lives, ambitious to have a good career for herself. Some people call her nympho, so what? what's wrong about that lol


she is faithful to Geralt and only Geralt, so who cares….that's nice.

So yeah, if I had to choose between the two, it's Triss for me and always will be. I don't like drama and bitchy attitude.

No offense of course to Yenna fans. It's a preference after all.

But If I had to say who would I pick overall, I wish Shani or even Anna Henrietta.


What do you feel about the bloody baron? I'm just confused about him, on one hand, he is kinda abusive On the other hand his wife Anna was not innocent, they hurt each other on this and I guess their daughter maybe only saw one side of the story and hated her father for it. Then again I hear people see the Baron beat his wife everyone knows that…..Like I don't know what to feel about any of them. But I guess this is how things are on the game, not everything is black and white.


What do you feel about Syanna?

I feel like she got off easy after the chaos she caused. she basically proved the prophecy true.

I do sympathize with her but, she should have punished for her actions. I felt bad for Dattlaf even though we are supposed to put him out of his misery since he cannot control his impulses, they said it, he loves like an animal.

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