The Witcher

My review, over 5 years late to the party. No spoilers (even though I’m 5 years late).

TheWitcher3 - My review, over 5 years late to the party. No spoilers (even though I'm 5 years late).


To preface I love the Witcher, the books mainly. I heard everyone raving about this game for so long, but I'm a broke bitch and I never had time off. Well the Witcher 3 wild hunt went on sale for like $20 so, I snatched it up and COVID-19 have me the chance to play it.

I've done almost everything in the game, and it's so great. At first I loathed it. The combat was clunky, the enemies too hard to kill, I was too easy to kill, etc. But eventually I realized I was slow and clunky, the enemies weren't hard to kill, and I didn't die as easily when I dodged instead of rolled.

The story is pretty good, but I actually enjoyed the DLC stories more than the main story line. The main story was decent, but for some reason I wasn't really drawn into it and felt disappointed with the final bosses. I had more fun and more engagement in some of the side missions, the dlc, and the contracts. It wasn't bad, but it felt awkwardly paced, anti-climactic, and drawn out some. That said the environment and characters were all fantastic.

The gameplay was an acquired taste for me. One I grew to love. Combat is fun, exploration is rewarding, and investigations aren't a complete bore like in some other games. I really enjoyed it after the learning curve was finished.


The difficulty was probably my biggest gripe. I played on death march (part of some of my complaints, I know self-imposed). The difficulty was hard, I mean really hard. I beat the FromSoftware games with less difficulty than the beginning of this game. It forced me to do side missions to level which threw off the pacing. But as hard as it was it quickly became far too easy. Nothing was a threat, my Witcher set was together and being upgraded as I leveled, I knew monsters weaknesses and even if I didn't they were still easy. For less than 20 hours of my 150 hour run did I feel the difficulty was fair. It was too hard for so long then too easy after such a brief intermission of balanced difficulty. Even though it was brutal at the beginning it felt better than the end. It made sense a Griffin would kill me in one hit, it made sense 10 drowners would gangbang my health bar, etc. But so suddenly I was murdering hordes of monsters even if they were my level or slightly above it. Even enemies with skulls next to their names weren't a deadly threat. This also mirrors my finances, from rags to riches seemingly overnight.

Overall, I really did enjoy the game.

The good: customization of your character play style, the relatively good story, the near perfection of characters and environments, the great armor and weapons with their customizable runes, the contracts were all interesting and felt fun, good exploration in a full world, the fantastic DLC, etc.

The bad: some pacing issues, anti-climaxtic ending, the difficulty being too hard or too easy, Roach getting stuck on nothing, and the fast travel locations in some areas sucking (crows perch, I'm looking at you).

The ugly: some of the hair cuts I have Geralt for fun, water hags, the crones, etc.

TL:DR; the game is great. It has a great atmosphere full of well thought out characters, environments, and missions. The combat, exploration, and side missions are fun, engaging, and feel full. The story had some pacing issues and the difficulty felt too easy or too hard, hardly ever just right.

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