The Witcher

Needing some tips to get into the game again

TheWitcher8 - Needing some tips to get into the game again

PC player here, aching to play RDR2. Seeming that I have to wait some time to do that. Wanting to scratch the itch for good open worlds I've been looking at the Witcher 3 again.

See, I got it on sale not too long ago and played a few hours. I think I kind of rushed through it because even though I progressed through the main story, I'm still too weak and can't seem to win any of the random encounters or side quests.

But the thing is that I don't really know if it's because of the mechanics (very complex indeed) or the general setting of the world, but the game just doesn't seem to hook me.


I've been wanting to start again fresh and thought I'd asked for a few tips to properly enjoy what seems to be a great game. I need to say here that I'm a casual player and don't have that much time to invest in a single game. But nevertheless I want to try this out. I've played many open world games and always enjoyed them. I don't really know what is it with this game, so maybe you guys can help me out.


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