The Witcher

New fresh fan ideas for the future of The Witcher.

TheWitcher2 - New fresh fan ideas for the future of The Witcher.

New Witcher game idea some friends and I were discussing before our D&D session last week, here's the gist.

15 years after the Witcher 3 another conjunction of the spheres takes place. New monsters are dumped into the world (maybe even some people disappear or new people appear). Monsters are becoming a massive new problem. Emperess Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon calls for whatever remaining witcher's left to a royal council (some with promise of coin). Witcher's being unfamiliar with many new monsters and feeling overwhelmed decide maybe the empress allocates royal funding to revive the schools of the Witcher. Geralt is appalled and will have nothing to do with putting orphaned or abandoned children through the trial of the grasses and walks out. But after unanimous decision and apprehension.

The Witcher schools are revived. The game takes place another 13 years later where your character has finished their Witcher basic training. Now here's the awesome part. It's a whole new character. You can customize your character, male or female and you may choose your Witcher school with each School comes different types of training, story Arch's and mentors.

Wolf: well rounded trained on everything sort of a jack of all trades. Great negotiation skills Cat: quick combat, rogue type training, usually light swords or even fencing (With a rapier) and crossbows. Griffin: specializing in signs. Best for combating spellcasters maybe even more specialized signs. Bear: heavy armored bruiser, you can charge and knockdown smaller opponents and become a freight train of destruction weilding flamburg and claymore equivalents (maybe even hammers and battle-axes). Can shrug off heavy damage. More intimidating in dialogue. Viper semi assassin like, centers around quick light armored combat, can weild daggers and are great chemists. Potions, bombs, traps, ect…


More stealth capabilities (stealth mode) More weapons and fighting styles.

Then you get to the point in the game where you can subclass and can combine school abilities and mutations. You can even find new research or find texts from lost Witcher schools (Manticore, Dragon, Bat, Crane (some other schools created by the devs) where we get more in-depth information on the special types of mutation effects each Witcher school has with their own trials. Bat school uses vampire elements in their mutagens so you can suck blood from enemies and gain vitality, Manticore can specialize in potions, Crane can maybe give you martial arts.

Perhaps even DLC where the character travels to an environment based around middle eastern, Indian, Russian, African or Asian culture.

Just seems like a fresh storyline (giving Geralt a break {tho he can make some appearances}), inclusive gameplay for just about everybody and a chance to really open up the lore in other places for hardcore fans, and lives up to the level of customizability that cyberpunk will have.

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