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Next Witcher game : what if it was set outside of the Northern Realms ?

TheWitcher5 - Next Witcher game : what if it was set outside of the Northern Realms ?

As many of you know, CDPR has said multiple times that a new Witcher game is totally possible in the future but that it won't feature Geralt because his story is over as of Witcher 3. IMO it's a great idea as the world is definitively big enough to make more games and the franchise is now super popular. It probably won't happen before like 2025 at the earliest but we can daydream about it right now.

From that statement, a lot of suggestions have been to make a game with either another fixed protagonist, fan favorites being Ciri (for a post-Witcher 3 game) or Vesemir (for a prequel to the trilogy) or a known sorceress, or with a create-your-own Witcher (after all they are doing it for CP2077, they may translate it to the Witcher series too). Not a fan of reusing a known character as it makes it too much of a spin-off instead of its own series (kind of like Star Wars spin-offs or The Hobbit movies were overtly reliant on connecting themselves to the main works)

I would be more of a partisan of the create your own Witcher but mostly the big thing I would want is for the game (and its sequels in all likelyhood) to NOT be in the Northern Kingdoms (even with a fixed protagonist which would be an all new character in that case). Sure we haven't seen all of the NK yet but we did see a lot of it in the first 3 games and the books (and soon the show). I feel like if you do a totally new game, kind of like a fresh start, starting in the same region would be a shame. Especially since the NK is on a surface level not really different than many other fantasy settings, classic medieval Europe with a slight touch of Eastern (or Northern for Skellige) Europe. Not super original. Also let the NK setting for the Geralt saga and start elsewhere is better to me. Doing Ciri or Vesemir seem too much like nostalgia pandering that is way too common in media nowadays.

Where then ? Well there are other lands in The Witcher world which we know a lot less about but that's another big plus. That would make CDPR (almost) fully able to create their own world while still relying on that known IP but making more than "just an adaptation". So it permits to use the sacro-sanct franchise of the The Witcher but still be original. I have no doubt they can pull it off too.

There are multiple possibilities :

  • Nilfgaard : this is the one we know quite a lot about (and in fact Toussaint is part of it and we already got there) and it would be the less different than the NK. But the Nilfgaard Empire is supposedly very vast, similar to the Roman Empire in his time (or is it more the Holy Roman Empire imitation with their germanic sounding language ?). You could imagine it goes in landscapes pretty different than what there is in the NK in such a vast Empire. A problem might be that the Nilfgaard Empire supposedly has no Witcher IIRC and that monsters are supposed to be almost non existent there so it would make playing a Witcher hard (and I think we should play a Witcher tbh).
  • Zerrikania : Often cited but very vague for what it is. It seems to be on the Far East of the Continent and so of NK and Nilfgaard. Environements are steppes, deserts and mountains. They apparently have a religion based on dragons and it's a matriarchy organized by clans in the steppes (seems similar to the Mongols but with women in power). I assume this part of the Continent might be larger than we know and essentially be more or less all of Asia (the main countries/cultures only of course) with a fantasy Japan, fantasy China, fantasy Mongolia, fantasy India all there and mixed. Could be a cool setting to get, though personally my preference is for the next one, Ofir.
  • Ofir (or Ofier) : Ofir is barely mentionned in the books but quite a lot in the Heart of Stone DLC since we encounter people coming from them (which means that CDPR did think about it, could have made some other ideas for it come into their minds ?). It's pretty clearly inspired from Middle East (or Northern Africa, it's apparently at the South of Nilgaard and separated by a sea from it) and I think it could be a very cool setting for a fantasy game. This would be original as it is not super common unlike the medieval Europe type settings or even the Asian inspired (which are probably a far second behind Europe themed ones) than Zerrikania would be. There's real creative possibilities since we know almost nothing about it, you can have new monsters, new magics, inspirations from Arabic tales and legends to create them, environements of deserts (sandy or rocky deserts), mountains, oasis, irrigated lands (like the Nile do in Egypt), obviously enchantments and runewrights. The Witcher equivalent there would come from another school of course so new type of combat and magic used.
  • Zangvebar : Pretty similar to Ofir and Zerrikania except we know even less (because CDPR didn't do a lot of references to it like with Ofir and it's not often speak about in the books or games). From what I could see it seems to be mostly a sort of sub-Sahara Africa type land which could also be a very cool fantasy setting to be honest. Pretty much the same things than before applies for this one.

What do you think of that idea ?

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