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ng+ is HIGHLY underrated

TheWitcher5 - ng+ is HIGHLY underrated

I have been playing this game for quite a while now. I've finished 4 times through the base game and twice through both expansions, completing most of the side content for the two that involved the expansions. I still love the game and was craving to play, but started to find the general linearity of play due to the level scaling was making me a little bored. I always wished I could just ignore the main quest, and go from town to town completing contracts like a witcher on the path, but it just isn't possible in ng due to the level scaling.

I had thought at one point that ng+ might be cool, but there is a surprising amount of negativity towards it online. Mostly "this is the exact same game and not enough changes" or "ng+ is bad don't play it" type of stuff, and it actually kept me away from trying it. Finally though, I just decided to give it a try, and see what it was like, and wow could I not agree less with those thoughts!

Ng+ is a great experience. First, the level scaling isn't nearly as limiting to what quests you can do. For example, in ng a quest that is 10 levels higher than me with skull enemies would be a definite no-go, not only because of 1 hit kills, but because it takes an hour to chip their health down. in ng+ though, I've taken on contracts 20-25 above my level and managed to pull them off. It's still a 1 hit kill without quen up, but it actually feel "right" and in line with how a monster battle should feel. I have actually been able to take on most contracts all the way across velen without issue.


Second, the variety of play options really makes the game feel fresh. Originally I had an alchemy/sword build which I loved. With a slight respec just before starting ng+, I unlocked a good chunk of the signs tree, and started playing with aard and the freeze mutation. It is really awesome to be able to switch signs and gear every hour or so and use a little different play style. Or, if there is a particularly hard skull enemy/group, it's really cool to prep for the fight by changing the build, swapping gear, taking different deck ruins, etc. it all makes the gameplay fee more natural and akin to geralts prep for a contract.

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One thing I will say though, is I don't know if I would have been ready for this style of play without first thoroughly exploring different builds and doing tons of quests in ng. It is a wonderful way to shake up the game if you have played a lot of it, so if you are like me and you have been put off by reading negative reviews of ng+, please try it!

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