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Not many monsters in the books

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I'm on Tower of Swallows right now. For a series about monster hunter witcher, there never seem to be any monsters around in the books. After the first 2, which had monsters in maybe a third to half of the stories, it feels like monsters have come up maybe once a book. And half of the time, he doesn't even slay them when he comes across them. Just thought it odd as it is his profession and how much monster slaying happens in the games.


Edit: I get that he is doing other things in the books and sidelining monster hunting. It's just off how they are mostly non existent. They say they are nearly extinct, but there are so many different types our there, they he should likely run into many occasions of perhaps just one offs of a bunch of different types in his travels. Or people approaching him more for contracts even if he'd decline. Especially when war and a mass amount of death would bring an increase of wraiths and ghouls and alghouls and such.

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