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On Yennefer and Triss and who is the right romantic partner for Geralt of Rivia…

TheWitcher5 - On Yennefer and Triss and who is the right romantic partner for Geralt of Rivia...

The Witcher fandom is still split as ever over the issue of #TeamYen or #TeamTriss. Except for the rogue groups #TeamShani and what other similar groups (and of course, the equestrian-loving zoophilics with #TeamRoach), the fanbase has deeply rooted views about both of these women and their place as Geralt's significant other.

So, I just wanted to say three things, without any sort of grand analysis:

1) Both of these women are great. They are fleshed out over Sapkowski's novels and then CDPR's games. But, if you are looking at just the original canon, it's Yennefer. But clearly, a fair amount of us here are here because of the games and care greatly for Triss and the games do a great job with making her a likable, lovable character.

That being said…

2) Both of these women have their laundry list of faults. Yennefer has her load of issues, Triss has her load of issues. We can argue over who is better, but the truth is, they are both shitty in different ways. The Witcher universe is fu*ked up and its characters are fu*ked up, as well. What I love about both the games and the books is that despite all the fantasy, there is a great amount of realism and part of that realism is the… shittiness of the people.

Finally, 3) However much we quarrel, the Word of God is that Yennefer is Geralt's partner. To consider Triss would be looking at the extended canon, because in the books, Triss is not anywhere in Geralt's radar as a romantic partner. The games do a good job of making her a possible option, but the games are "Extended Canon", so to speak. They exist outside Sapkowski's control (which he found out way too late, sadly) and are not "Pure Canon".


The quarreling is good because a fandom that doesn't have passionate discourse is a dead fandom.

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All of that being said, to add a good smattering of controversy to my own, supposedly unbiased post (and in the interest of quarrelling) I am on #TeamYen.

In my opinion, the issues between Yen and Geralt can be boiled down to their individual desires and personalities conflicting. I believe the Last Wish, which we don't know the exact wording of, only keeps their lives intertwined, that Geralt's thread in the tapestry of fate is forever intertwined with Yennefer's because that was how our clever boy Geralt could save Yennefer.

Triss was always considered as a friend by Geralt, despite her subtle cues that she wanted to get down and dirty with him, and their entire relationship in CDPR's games is based on Triss taking advantage of Geralt's amnesiac state. She hoped she could have a life with Geralt now that he didn't have Yennefer in his memory and actively worked to keep any memory of Yennefer away from him.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Triss and my Triss playthrough, but… again, this is my opinion and I think Geralt and Yennefer, considering their long history and their family unit dynamics with Ciri and the fact that they're just fu*ked up in the right ways for each other, are the better couple.

Now… bring on the vehement and heated debates. 😀

(Also, the zoophilic thing was a joke. Don't be mad.)

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