The Witcher

PhD Research Game Giveaway WINNER!

TheWitcher10 - PhD Research Game Giveaway WINNER!

Hi all,

I will begin by sending a huge thank you to everyone who participated in my study, and to the moderators for approving my request to recruit from the sub-Reddit.

So many of you participated, gave me insightful and important feedback, and showed an overwhelming level of interest. A result of this, is that the desired sample size I required for data analysis has been fulfilled, much earlier than expected. With the way these types of online studies, I was expecting recruitment to take between 1-2 weeks at the very least. With that in mind, the survey was closed today at 9:00am GMT, and the initial recruitment thread updated to reflect this shortly after.

Many of you might be wondering why I will not be contacting the winner directly. Ideally, this would be the best method to reward the winner, and I have used this method before in my past two studies conducted on Reddit. However, I was unable to use this method a third time, due to concerns related to participant anonymity.

For this study, I collected a lot of data, and it would be unethical if I were able to correlate the data collected to an individual user. I would have personality data and motivation data of each user who participated, and I suspect this is not what many of you would want (me included). As such, no username information was to be collected. Avoiding the collection of usernames means I have absolutely no idea, and no way to identify any user’s individual responses to the questions in the survey. Please understand that participant anonymity is a fundamental cornerstone of ethical research.

The Winner


In hopes that any major concerns are addressed above, I will now proceed with naming the winner. The way around the issue of anonymity, was to have two codes generated by each participant. One of which would be quoted in the announcement thread, and upon seeing this code, the rightful winner would message me and confirm the Second code, and in the process verify their right to claim the prize.

The code of the winner then is: JAWN94

The sub-Reddit used by the winner to access the survey was: r/Witcher

Rightful Winner, you have 7 days to see this announcement and message me with the corresponding code! If for whatever reason you do not contact me, your claim to the prize will be forfeited, and a new winner will be selected.

Selection process

To maintain full transparency, see how the winner was selected by using the link below:

JEXlUvg - PhD Research Game Giveaway WINNER!

Next steps and future research

Subject to the approval of the mods, I will be conducting more research this year, and hope you provide the opportunity for all users to win even better prizes than those available in this study. Your suggestions are also very welcome. Following analysis I will be analysing the data and submitting a manuscript for publication.

If you feel I’ve missed anything, or there are any further questions you might have, please direct message me at the first instance.

Thank you all



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