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Question about alchemy materials

TheWitcher3 - Question about alchemy materials

Ok so I've seen many questions sort of related to this but nothing really answers my question.

One thing that made me want to play the game was the alchemy aspect. It's why I loved the Elder Scrolls and Runescapr and WoW. Im addicted to potion making.

But…you don't really make potions in the game. Not in the normal way at least.

From the way I understand it, you craft a potion once. And then it's replenished during meditation with strong alcohol.

So then what's the point of gathering so many herbs and monster parts beyond making the initial item?

Somebody told me that while meditating, you'll use strong alcohol but obly replenish the potions you have the ingredients for in your inventory. But that doesnt seem to be the case. And even if it was, that's dumb. Youd only need the ingredients the first time but the ingredients + an extra kinda rare and somewhat expensive early on item every time after? No.


So I'm currently level 2. Just about to fight the griffin, and im going through my inventory trying to sell stuff but also make sure i have the right ingredients for later. But I'm really not sure what to do with each item.

For example.

Drowner brain. Dismantles into monster brain and monster blood. Drowner brain is only used for Swallow, which I have. But I have no idea what the dismantled components are used for, and googling every single item would take forever.

I looked that one up and it seems that the dismantled items are used for more crafting recipes. But is it the same with other items?

Should i just sell everything and then farm what i need later?

Its just confusing because it's not like what I thought it would be.

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