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Quick Question For The Lore Fanatics Of The Games & Books

TheWitcher8 - Quick Question For The Lore Fanatics Of The Games & Books

I'm new to The Witcher world. Starting on the Witcher 2, then going to do The Witcher 1 & 2 (already started The Witcher 2 before getting the first one on sale). One-day I hope to do 3. Just curious regarding the dialogue in-game:

Is every possible dialogue option made to fit canon with Geralt's personality or are their specific traits I should keep in mind for a more lore-friendly and immersive playthrough?

e.g. quick-tempered, nice, charitable, money-hungry. All of those types of things.

The biggest example of things I'm curious about, would be in the first scene with Roche in prison how you have the option to say "fu*k you" right off the bat.


My question is mainly in regards to smaller dialogues rather than story-changing sections, such as when you save random people in side quests and they want to reward you. Is Geralt the type of guy to accept that reward, expect a reward, or to turn down one? He's such a complex character I can't quite tell! Especially being unexperienced with the original book "canon".

Also in a canon-world would he sleep with prostitutes in exchange for money or does he only slag around with main/side characters?


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