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Reasons of State might be my only true disappointment so far with this otherwise perfect game.

TheWitcher6 - Reasons of State might be my only true disappointment so far with this otherwise perfect game.

I’m 140 hours into my first playthrough. I’m at the Final Preparations quest, both DLCs untouched, and the majority of available side quests and contracts complete. Level 32. Was late to the Gwent party but have since done a lot of that too, naturally.

Anyway, I just completed Reasons of State and am somewhat letdown about how abruptly written the quest was, given the magnitude of events, and the unsatisfactory conclusion of Djikstra’s awesome character. I’m spoiled and know the outcomes of both choices here, so no worries discussing it.

Siding with Djikstra is clearly the better overall outcome, yet how the fuck am I, as Geralt, supposed to let Roche and co be slaughtered to achieve it? There’s just no way Geralt would ever allow that to happen, regardless of the stakes (making it feel a lot less like a choice, you literally have to agree to let Roche be cold bloodedly murdered right in front of you without even technically knowing the end state of this). The way the final twist of this quest was written made Djikstra a literal mustache twirling monologuing villain, and he bet not only his life but the overall success of this monumentally important plot on Geralt not intervening to save someone who is a well known friend of his? I just couldn’t shake how “off” this all felt, and essentially substandard to most of the other major quests that came before. It’s already strange for Geralt to be involved in assassinating a King, but okay Radovid is certainly unhinged and dangerous so I can make sense of that. There should have been a follow up quest (let’s call it ‘Picking Up the Pieces’) where you hear the arguments from Djikstra and Roche and then ultimately have to make a choice, somehow not realizing at the time that the person you chose against will die (let’s say something happens in the background like if you let Keira go to Radovid). At least then Geralt isn’t actively sanctioning the murder of a friend.


Then I think my other big issue is that the world state doesn’t change at all, despite even the dialogue mentioning how they’d have to lay low, and how it would cause such a huge commotion. Uh, none of which happened. Interestingly the ‘world state’ of Novigrad clearly progresses throughout the story as Radovid begins hunting non-humans and mages, they really couldn’t just make a few smaller changes to at least acknowledge the player’s actions? Yeah, definitely the only real thing that’s disappointed me in the game so far. I was looking forward to this quest since I found out about it and the choice you’d have, along with the implications of it.

I really feel like they only fleshed this one out about 60% or so of what it should have been, with the 55% being everything up to killing Radovid and the remaining 5% being everything after.

I know this has been discussed a lot on Reddit, just wanted to I guess add my thoughts and vent a little.

This is clearly one of the best games of all time. I’m all the way there and onboard with that and I haven’t even finished the damn main story yet. I guess it was bound to have a disappointment or two at some point.

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