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Redania’s Most Wanted: no failed objectives

TheWitcher11 - Redania's Most Wanted: no failed objectives

So, I know most people will be like "wtf is this about?", but I know there are some completionists out there who are royally pissed about this quest. The problem is: you have two optional secondary objectives, one which is "talk about the megascope crystal to Triss", which shows up right away along with "Tell Radovid what you learned about Philippa". The other one is "talk about the megascope crystal to Yen", which doesn't show up unless you talk about the crystal with Triss and give it to her, at which point it will be marked as failed. On the other hand, if you do show the crystal to Yen unprompted, and give the crystal to her, the Triss objective will be marked as failed.

So, I don't want any fail marks in my journal, so I tried every possible combination to avoid it.

I noticed that if you talk about the crystal with Yen, but don't give it to her, the Triss objective won't be marked as failed. But then, if you show it to Triss, whether you give the crystal to her or not, the "show the crystal to Yen" objective will be marked as failed.

There is one option though which fails no objectives: don't show the crystal to any of them. Go straight to Radovid and either give the crystal to him or don't. If you don't, you won't get any crowns; experience is the same. You get no additional experience for showing the crystal to Yen or Triss, or giving it to any of them… you'll just miss a cutscene about Philippa saying that she's trying to recreate the Lodge and regenerate her eyes. However, Geralt seems to know about it anyway as you can tell Radovid that Philippa is trying to regenerate her eyes. At the end of the quest, the Yen objective won't even show up (either as completed or failed), while the Triss objective will be marked as completed (wtf?), so you'll have all green marks.

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So, bottom line… skip Triss and Yen, don't talk to them about the crystal, don't give it to them, and decide whether you want to give it to Radovid or not (this decision has no impact on the game btw). I personally decided to tell him that Philippa is likely dead and that I had no proof for it, so I kept the crystal for myself, because fuck Radovid. I think that a proper "I'm keeping the crystal" option would have been very nice to be honest: I found it, it's mine, neither Triss nor Yen "need it", strictly speaking. If it was something either of them needed to save her own life or whatever… sure, take it. If you just want it to get more power for yourself… thanks, I'd rather safe-keep it so that it doesn't get into any wrong hands (Radovid) but I'm not giving it to anybody unless it's necessary, especially because both Yen and Triss are ultimately extremely ambitions and quite reckless. The less toys sorcerers have to play with, the better.

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