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Results of the Witcher 3 survey I made last week, and a follow up

TheWitcher3 - Results of the Witcher 3 survey I made last week, and a follow up

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all of you that took part in my first survey, the results are here, I’ve also changed the settings on the form so you can see the results once you’ve completed the survey. For anyone that didn’t see my original post, this is the link to the original which will still be accepting responses.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who took the time to answer the questions, with over 150 responses. I have also made a follow-up which has some other questions I meant to ask in the first that I forgot about, as well as some more specific details about the choices people made throughout the game. Once again, I would be very grateful if you could have a look at that. I did have someone comment on my previous post saying they had a similar idea, but there were some questions that I hadn’t asked. In light of that (and hoping that this post gets a little more traction), I’d be happy to add any questions that people suggest to the second one.

With that being said, the results I ended up with here were not particularly surprising based on the things you generally see around this sub, the overwhelming number of people with the Witcher ending and choosing to romance Yen being the most obvious. There were a few things that I noticed and thought were interesting when looking at the individual responses:

– I was surprised to see that well over half (57.2%) of players either reloaded saves or didn’t do a completely blind first playthrough. I would have expected this to be the other way around, especially based on the number of people I see who seem to have got the ‘perfect’ ending for everyone involved. I was personally in the minority of players who didn’t do either, but I can’t blame anyone who did, especially with reloading saves, the discrepancy between the options given, and Geralt’s actions can often be jarring.


– Of those who got the bad ending, 70% did a blind playthrough with no reloads, compared to just under 65% for either of the good endings.

– Every single player who got the bad ending, myself included, did do at least one more playthrough of the game. Personally I see this as a testament to how impactful and frankly, depressing the bad ending is, but I have also seen many people who feel cheated out of the good ending by some of the decisions, which honestly seems fair as well.

– Only 20% of people who got the bad ending were satisfied with that ending, compared to 87% of people who received one of the good endings.

– Everyone who didn’t play the game blind, presumably using a guide of some kind or having seen someone else play the game, got one of the good endings.

– Of these 40 people, 6 chose the empress ending, giving a ratio of 1:5.67, compared to the overall ratio of 1:6.1

– Finally, I was surprised to see such a large number of people (69%) keep both sisters alive in Blood and Wine, especially since the conditions for doing so are much more strict than for the best ending in the base game, I guess the allure of gwent meant more people got the ribbon than would have done otherwise.

These are the answers submitted for ‘other’ as a response to the question ‘Were you satisfied with the ending you got?’

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for being a part of the survey, it would be really cool if you could check out the follow-up

This is without a doubt the most effort I’ve ever put into a reddit post lmao, I hope you found it interesting, and I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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