The Witcher

Roche or Dijkstra, choice between lesser evil

TheWitcher4 - Roche or Dijkstra, choice between lesser evil

Can it be considered that way? Most people who have chosen Roche argue that he is Geralt's friend. In that case, and starting from that premise, are we before choice of lesser evil? On the one hand we saved three people but practically f* the entire North (except Temeria), on the other hand accepting the sacrifice of three people close to the Geralt, we saved the North as an independent political and cultural entity, that is, we acted in the interest of a couple of millions of people who have suffered because of the ongoing Nilfgaardian aggressions and their war crimes.


Each option has its very negative points (death of people close to Geralt or colonization of the North by an aggressive empire), unless you are not a supporter of Nilfgaard, none leaves you with good taste in your mouth. All this sounds for me a lot like the choice of Regis between Geralt and Dettlaf (Regis almost owed his life to Dettlaf, besides Syanna, usually doesn´t receive any punishment ). What do you think?


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