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Should I give Witcher 3 a second chance? (lore and game questions)

TheWitcher3 - Should I give Witcher 3 a second chance? (lore and game questions)

Hi. I have some questions, but need to give context first. This will contain some spoilers:

I read all the Witcher books as a teenager. My personal take: The short stories are awesome reimagined fairy tales, the war is a mixed bag (really bleak tone), the arc of finding Ciri – very poor, with atrocious ending.

I loved the first game when it came out, completed it twice. The world was full of conflict (awesome), story unconnected to books (awesome), I was free to be whatever witcher I wanted to be, no Geralt baggage (awesome), funny glitches. Simply loved it. Also "Inspired" Soundtrack still has one of my all time favourite songs (2007, damn).

The second game just made me angry. Suddenly in the middle of it Geralt gets his memory back (somewhat), and starts spouting his own ideas and explanations for events. They took away player agency and introduced main character instead, it felt really jarring. The ending was abrupt and not satisfying. Never returned to W2. I know that there are like 70 different endings, don't care.

When the third game came out, the buzz around it was really positive. I played for 24 hours, started Novigrad, and then lost interest completely. My issues were many, but now I'm thinking if I should give the game a second chance after 4 years and many DLCs.

Lore questions (I don't care about spoilers):

1) Yennefer died in the books. I personally never liked her character, her being reanimated for the game seems unnecessary and contrived, and it bugs me just how contrived it looks. What is her reason to be alive and well in W3? Do I need to pretend like this is just some dumb fanfiction thing and push past it?


2) In the books I remember that the Wild Hunt were some skeleton band on tour, they showed up once a year or something and snatched people away. No one actually considered them scary or really dangerous. How are they so stupidly powerful in the game? Is there a reason, or is it just arbitrary?

3) Now, the thing is… Ciri is the most powerful being in the Witcher mythos. She is like Elizabeth from bioshock. Trained with a sword and magic, has elf blood, can open portals through space and time, etc etc. How the fuck she is in danger? Why? Was she crippled somehow? Why everything hunts her and kicks her ass? I don't believe, can't care. Can somebody explain this?

4) I discovered Dark souls before W3 came out, and often tried to fight higher-level opponents. As I remember the combat in W3 is drawn-out and repetitive, no fun at all. If I set the game to easy mode, is it worth experiencing for the story alone?

The story questions really bug me, I just can't get on board with Geralt motivations when my inner teenager screams "no, we covered this in the books, why everything is so obviously contrived?". Want to enjoy the game. Please help. Really don't care about spoilers at this point

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