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So I just finished the Witcher novels save for season of storms. Lots to say, spoilers obviously

TheWitcher11 - So I just finished the Witcher novels save for season of storms. Lots to say, spoilers obviously

So I dont know how I feel.

This was an amazing series overall.

Before I go on a tangent, I will say my biggest regret is that I played the games before reading the books. There were a few things in my mind that I considered "canon" that simply werent, and that is no fault of the books but my own.

I want to start by saying that the characters are wonderfully written. I wish there was a lot more Triss, but you cant have it all.

Despite being written in another language its plain to see the authors writing style is unique to say the least. I read a lot of books from all over the world and nothing has been similar to this. I have to give him credit, because imo it wasnt ALL good and in fact during baptism of fire I wanted to stop reading the books, but at the same time his world and style were so unique that I would of felt guilty and like I was missing out on something if I didnt keep going. glad I did.

Geralt is nowhere near as powerful as I thought he would be. The way Vilgefortz is portrayed is how I expected Geralt to be except with a sword. Again, this is my own fault and not the author. I do think one of the failings in the books is the consistency with how strong Geralt should be. He can for the most part cut people down quite easily, but on that same token Witchers arent far and away better than great swordsman. In my mind, human should be able to compete with him on a physical level and yet it seems some could. I put witchers on a pedestal, and im not sure if this is because of the game or the writing. conflicted on this one.


Part of me thinks the books ended perfectly, while another part of me wants more because it was left with too many different directions it can go. I also feel The Wild Hunt aka Elves from space didnt play a big enough role. I expected more from them overall, especially with how easily Ciri escaped them.

Ciri is another topic altogether. The more the books went on the more I liked her. In the beginning I felt like she made dumb decisions, but as time went on and she met Bonhart I came to love her like I knew her. Bonhart was awesome btw.

Milva and Cahir were my favorite characters. I almost cried but I was work.

Angloueme however you spell it came in the books late but was friggen awesome. she reminded me of ciri as well, which I think was the point.

Galahad though? really? It took me awhile to get this. I didnt understand. of ALL the things and worlds and dimensions they could of brought the story, why leave Ciri in this world… with Galahad. Then I remembered Galahad is literally the perfect knight, finder of the holy grail and favored by God. If there is anyone in history for Ciri to be with its him. Made perfect sense and it was fantastic writing.

Theres a lot more I could say but I dont know what to say. im just typing away. Ive been dying to finish these books because my backlog is insane, yet I still have season of storms to go. I have classic upon classic to finish yet now my mind is stuck on this.

ugh! I think I might play witcher 3 again!

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