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So, I stalked the Netflix Adaptation writers’ and creative staff’s Twitter accounts and it’s basically tumblr

TheWitcher6 - So, I stalked the Netflix Adaptation writers' and creative staff's Twitter accounts and it's basically tumblr

All other complaints/praise directed to TW staff aside, what the heck happened to good ol' elegant and classy school of movie making? I mean, even in spite of not being a native speaker of english, I can plainly see many stylistic errors that I'd more likely link to a primary school student than a professional writer.

I mean, maybe it's because of cultural differences (I'm from eastern Europe, so most of the best and most widely popular films made here are low budget labours of love), but I'm curious if people involved in western media 'giants' are really that bombastic and driven by ideology and pandering to specific audience instead of giving their work an individual style and feel?

Then again, I have actually very little to do with modern American cinematography, so I'm legit curious, if that's a trend among the mainstream pieces of this particular industry in hopes, that maybe some other offspring of polish culture (oh boy, 'With fire and sword' with an American-tier budget is my dream) will get popularized in the west in future if that's not the case.

Also, I'm not making the case against TW yet, but since we're already seeing some parts of the making-of process, I'm wondering more and more about people involved in the industry .


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