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Some thoughts on the ‘tragic ending’

TheWitcher10 - Some thoughts on the 'tragic ending'

The Witcher 3 is a game of consequence. In the worst possible scenario, Geralt loses his 'brother' Lambert at Kaer Morhen and is dumped by Yennefer and Triss. In the aftermath of the final battle, Ciri triggers Tedd Deireadh, the apocalypse. Space-time rifts open left and right while fireballs envelop the sky. Monsters start pouring out of the rifts as Geralt and Yennefer race towards Tor Gvalch'ca to find Ciri. No matter what you do, Ciri sets off on a suicidal journey through time and space to save the universe. The moments you shared give her strength in facing the White Frost…unless you didn't. Showing a flagrant lack of empathy for Ciri throughout the game causes her to perish in the Ice Plains.

If Ciri dies, Geralt mourns her for a week and then shows up in Velen in search of the last Crone. He meets a werewolf named Berem who implores him to spare the Crone and find his daughter a new pendant. "Her sorrow will pass in time." Geralt coldly responds, "No, it won't. My daughter's dead." Berem volunteers to help him find the Crone. Geralt beckons the Crone to exit her hut. The Crone taunts Geralt about his pain and suffering. She prophesies that he can not survive the struggle. The Crone boldly states that Geralt feels fear for the first time in his life. Geralt takes a moment to sigh and remember Ciri. He snaps back saying, "You lie. I don't feel a thing anymore."


In spite of interference from the creatures of the swamp, Geralt cuts down the Crone and impales her on his sword as she attempts to flee. He runs his other sword into her skull and begins frantically searching her corpse for Ciri's medallion. Unable to find it, he enters the hut and ravages it in a choleric daze. He finds the medallion and broods over his uncountable losses. A horde of monsters begins to converge on his position. The camera pans out and the screen fades as Geralt is left to an unsure fate.

But this is where it gets interesting. Only ghouls and drowners are seen closing in on Geralt in the epilogue. These monsters are called 'necrophages' because they are corpse-eaters. Geralt had lost everything in life worth living for. He had lost his will to live, so he was already a living corpse. In my opinion, the ending implies a spiritual, rather than physical death, because the necrophages seem to be drawn to the stench of his rotting soul. Besides, officially, it appears that he (physically) survives the encounter as one of the unique endings of Blood and Wine hinges on his survival.


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