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spoiler free of course…The witcher is great long and really pulls you into the game

TheWitcher7 - spoiler free of course...The witcher is great long and really pulls you into the game

I know I'm super late but someone will see this post even after 4 years. So I bought the witcher 3 after a massive $14.99 sale. I was currently playing God of War on ps4 and some other games. I put off buying the witcher because I'm just not into fantasy shit. Hell i only bought God of War after I was on youtube and saw the Baldur fight, and thought to myself I gotta play this. I bought the witcher after i saw the cinematic trailer. I'm only like 30hrs in and the game is just engaging. Gerald is cold in a calm badass kinda way. Only a few other video game characters have been cooler to ME. Bayek of Siwa and ps4 Kratos. The story for me so far is very interesting, I knew nothing about the previous games or the lore so i went in totally blind. The game is structure in a way I want all games structured. You got the typical character progression but you also get detail info about all the monster you fight, all of Gerald's friends, all of cities you enter, its just insane. Everything seems overwhelming at first especially crafting and alchemy but as u play it more and more it gets very simple (somewhat). The gameplay is probably the most solid, not as tight as ps4 (God of War) but its pretty good. I like mix and matching the different alchemy and other abilities to better fight and have my fights look different from time to time. The only frustrating thing about the battles are going into the menu to pick the right potion, or sword or bomb or decoction or oil on your blade, well u get the point. I love that there is so many different monsters and enemy types. This is one of those games where you actually have to learn and read to really enjoy it and play it better so you can understand everything thats going on around you. Which is actually pretty enjoyable. Just like assassins creed origins the side quest can seem more interesting then the story, the witcher 3 side quest are wayyyy better or course but they are all unique and interesting. The game world is beautiful but not the best looking video game environment IMO. Still some good stuff here. Playing the witcher 3 is like managing a small business, you have to first and foremost find Ciri and along the way help like 100 people in the process, all while killing monsters, crafting better gear, solving the problems of kings and peasants win horse races play Gwent (optional I think) a card game, win fist fights, attend ceremonies, get yourself out of tight spots, avoid killing guards (they take %75 of your coins if you lose). Not to mention you have to make sure Gerald is ok by drinking and messing with some sluts on the way. I recommend whoever reads this to play on a hard difficulty setting, you'll just get more outta of the experience. like I said in the beginning I'm only a quarter of the way done and I still have two DLC packs to complete. But so far the Witcher 3 is just awesome.


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