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Spoilers: Just finished The Witcher 3 for the first time – some thoughts as I finish

TheWitcher11 - Spoilers: Just finished The Witcher 3 for the first time - some thoughts as I finish

Wow. What a masterpiece of a game. I am so thrilled I was able to experience this game. I read absolutely no spoilers and no tips about anything. It made a really organic feel that I really enjoyed.

However, I am an emotional wreck because I got the “Bad” ending. I am legit so upset. Games don’t make me feel this way. I’m not sure where along the way I messed up but I tried to be real with Ciri, and looking now it seems like I made all the wrong choices.

I feel a little cheated because dialogue options don’t really explicitly say what action followed, such as saying “you don’t have to be good at everything” then going drinking opposed to a snowball fight. I just tried to choose the dialogue option I thought was right in order for helping Ciri, and helping her grow. Had I known what the dialogue choices lead to I would possibly reconsider, but this was again my first playthrough and I did it as organically as possible, never re loading a save to change an action. It just seems a little non sensical that a few words lead to vastly different actions you had no clue about when selecting the words but then again life works like that too.


I guess that’s a hallmark of a spectacular game when you feel this emotionally wrecked at the end. I can’t wait for my future playthoughs and DLC.

It felt very cathartic to kill the final Crone however, and in my headcanon Geralt survives as I have to play the DLC somehow…

Just had to get this off my chest.

Cheers everyone!

TL:DR – finished for the first time, got bad ending, really upset but spectacular game

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