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Switching to death march difficulty has made witcher contracts (and the game as a whole) so much more fun

TheWitcher1 - Switching to death march difficulty has made witcher contracts (and the game as a whole) so much more fun

I got this game just under 2 weeks ago and have been absolutely loving it. I started out on regular difficulty, as I do w/ most single-player games on a first playthrough. I realized once I got to level 10+ that what many were saying about this game being too easy on the lower difficulties was true, and bumped it up to the next difficulty level (the one before death march, forgot what they called it exactly). the fact that meditating no longer regenerated my vitality was a welcomed change, and I did enjoy the initial bump in difficulty, but once I hit the lvl 20s I realized once again that even this difficulty was a bit too easy, as I felt no need to use oils, potions, bombs, etc. Basically I could just loot whatever I found on quests, w/o any real need to craft, and quen + fast attack my way to victory everytime.

I finally switched to death march difficulty recently and it's made the game a much better experience for me. I finally feel encouraged/motivated to craft oils, potions, decoctions, and use the bombs that I've been crafting. This game has such a wonderful alchemy + bestiary system, and the game is so much more fun when you actually have to implement these systems. Witcher contracts have been my favorite part of the game since the start, and it's just so refreshing that I finally feel rewarded for utilizing such an amazing system in the game (the bestiary + alchemy mechanics); I just love looking up the monster type that's been wreaking havoc, and crafting the specific oil to use against them. I also love crafting the various potions, decoctions, and bombs, and using those to your advantage in battle.


I'm not usually one to say "oh this game is meant to be played as such and such or xyz difficulty setting," I think you should feel free to play games however you want, and the Witcher 3 in particular was designed w/ such a philosophy for players to be free w/ choosing their playstyle. However, I think in this specific case, the game is truly so much more dynamic and complete at these higher difficulty levels (particular the death march setting) that you really should at least experiment w/ a higher difficulty setting and see how it goes. It's a bit sad imo that some people never experience these wonderful parts of the game because the ease of the gameplay never motivated them to utilize all of these resources, like the bestiary, potions, oils, weapons + armor crafting, etc. In particular, I actually bought this game a while ago, back when it first released, and back then my rpg mentality was at it's infant stages, and I played the game mainly to play the main story. I got to the bloody baron part and quit; for some reason I just wasn't enjoying the game back then. Well, I think part of it may have been because the game was so easy w/ the difficulty setting I was on that I never felt motivated/encouraged to utilize these previously mentioned systems, particularly w/ crafting. I love that on the higher difficulties, I feel heavily encouraged to explore the world to find items that I almost need to beat certain enemies, and crafting these resources + using them in battle to defeat a tough enemy is so rewarding.

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