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The best ending

TheWitcher5 - The best ending

In the main game, I ended up with Yennefer and Ciri lived her life freely as a witcher. While I'm pretty happy with this ending, I feel unsatiated as a player. So I downloaded HoS and B&W to continue the story.

In HoS, I didn't plan to save Olgeird at first after all the terrible things he's done. However, when the choice is giving and time is limit, I decided to risk my life to save his soul. Luckily, I defeated Master Mirror and it seems that the boy decided to live a better life. That humanity in the witcher also saved both princesses in Toussaint. It's a sweet surprise that Yennefer visited and decided to move in. So I did what a man with a family does: opening a bank account and building his nest. I hang my armours and put my swords on the shelves for decoration, then walking half-naked around the town to chill.

Funny enough, an artist heard of my good deed and asked if I can be a model for his witcher painting. It seems to be a fun side quest and the picture would be a great memento, so I generously agree and follow him to the hill, half-naked to show off my muscular body. It took several hours for him to finish, then as you already know, a level 50 griffin came at the end. It's battle time!

Usually, with my silver sword, I would finish this beast in 2 minutes. But I hung all of them at home. All I have is the steel sword that I brought for selfie purposes, which isn't suitable for fighting monsters. So I have no choice but to have a fistfight with the beast. It was such a challenging hit-and-dodge battle, yet it so satisfying to kill it this way.

After the artist left, I stay a bit on top of the mountain, contemplating my life. I have lived a life that's full, saved my daughter from the Wild Hunt, executed a higher Vampire and defeated the Devil himself. I became a knight of Toussaint, built my own house and have my dream woman living there. I even have an amazing final battle to remember. While I still have secondary quests, monster contracts and treasures to hunt, it's the perfect time to end the life on the path and settle down.


The next morning I walk down the hill, find the artist and paid for my painting. I hang it in my bedroom, then silently sit down on the bed, trying not to wake up the sleeping beauty with her pleasing scent of lilac and gooseberry.

This is the ending of my 60 hours adventure. It's only a week in real life, but during that week I really lived in this world from the perspective of the witcher. Geralt of Rivia has gone through a lot, but he always keeps his principles and went great lengths for all the souls he can save. I'm glad I was able to bring this happy ending for him. My heart was filled with contentment and happiness as I close the game for good.

Geralt the Model

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