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The Butcher of Blaviken, Geralt’s nickname is given completely irrationally

TheWitcher7 - The Butcher of Blaviken, Geralt's nickname is given completely irrationally

So I always wondered why Geralt was given this name. I recently began the audiobooks (they are amazing I definitely recommend them!), I just finished the chapter where this scene happened, 2 times actually because I thought I missed something. The 6th chapter of The Last Wish is where this all goes down, specifically in the tail end of the chapter.

I wont spoil much incase anyone wants to read, it's a great chapter.

Heres my quarrel, people claim he is a butcher with such negativity. It is completely unfair that he recieved this title with a negative connotation.

Geralt told one of the town leaders this might happen. He laughed him off and said stay and share a drink. Geralt refused and ran into the market place. There were I think 7 people plus the leader whom he quarrelled with. The town was populated at this time. When he arrived he was given a message with a crossbow pointed at him. He was then shot at and deflected the bolt. He then killed the 7 people and the leader. The plan of the 7 was to kill the town's people untill they got what they wanted. INSTEAD, Geralt killed ALL of them, YES brutally lol, but swiftly. He stomped the threat to the town like a professional, and was IMMEDIATELY a victim of the whole block throwing rocks at him (which he blocked with quen lol). He did not say anything, he took the rocks like a champ and was ordered to leave and never come back.

So they threw rocks at him because he killed people? He literally SAVED them (that same group of has done this before, of course the townsfolk do not know this except for at least one).


It's a great chapter it really is. But my MASSIVE issue is that, NOT A SINGLE PERSON STANDS UP FOR HIM. THERE WERE PEOPLE THERE WHO WITNESSED PEOPLE SHOOTING AT HIM FIRST WHILE INSULTING HIM! He then DEFENDED himself as well as saving the town by immediately stopping the threat! The Alderman KNEW Geralt saved them, but instead banished him? I know 90% of the universe is uneducated ignorant haters, but STILL, not a SINGLE person defended him? Idk man, kinda made me pretty angry not gonna lie lol.

It's not like the town strolled up on him AFTER he killed 7 or 8 in an alleyway making him look like a SUS IMPOSTOR. The man straight defended himself AND the town! They all watched but STILL shunned him:(.

In the games he gets a lot of flack for this too. I didn't think they did that great of a a job explaining this scene in the game tbh. I know Geralt is easy to accept the situation, but he still seems pretty bummed about the whole thing and I wish he defended the situation a bit more I guess. He should be proud of how professionally he handled that, not a single innocent person was hurt, he ONLY killed a band of people who were out to hurt others!

Anyone else feel the same way? Did I perhaps miss something on my second read of that chapter? Is there a good scene in the game I missed where he explains the scene in detail?

Like yes he butched those guys but he did it to people who deserved it, that town should've called him a hero!

I'm hyped to keep this book going! Voice actor is amaaaazing too!

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