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The meaning behind Aeramas’ notes

TheWitcher10 - The meaning behind Aeramas' notes

Heyo, just doing my 238294th playthrough, this time after having read a few of the books and watched several theory/lore videos about the game and the stories. I have this time been reading every single piece of paper, bestiary entries, characters, etc as well. The Aeramas quest was never something that interested me much besides the whole cheese thing which gets old after the first run, but I carefully read the Aeramas notes' book which is clearly a vision of Dandelion, though I am not entirely sure what each metaphor means. Haven't found any threads about it so I'm hoping people will help me out here. Spoilers ahead.
The text

Metaphors I understood so far:

The vision stabilized and, lo and behold, I saw as if through a moonlit haze the Four Princes (Big Four of Novigrad), each clad in armor and astride a horse. The first rode a steed the color of fog (Dijkstra- spying, shadows, bathhouse), the second of sulfur (Whoreson Jr.-by elimination.. maybe because sulfur stinks?), the third black as the abyss (Bedlam, the king of beggars- Darkness, subterfuge? kinda similar to the fog one, but fog and bathhouses just make so much more sense), and the fourth – a pony (Carlo Varese, Cleaver- a dwarf atop a "dwarf" horse).

And then I beheld a fountain, a clear spring, but the Princes did not drink of it, for it was forbidden. (Dijkstra's vault, if I recall it was a bank of sorts for people of the underworld)


And the a Bird of Paradise, shining in ruby and gold (Dandelion- Pretty, colorful, musical), flew above them and alit upon the branch of a tree. And the tree had arms numbering a thousand and forty (No idea what the tree entails. Henkel's house, since it has a couple floors? part of the quest at the house has to do with getting the wine into the right year, 1261 iirc which is definitely not 1040. Maybe "arms numbering a thousand and forty" refers to a clock, pointing out the time is 10:40? not sure we ever get a timeframe of the heist).

"Draw from the source," said the Bird (Either Dandelion wanting to steal the gold, or telling Ciri to use her powers), but they (The big four?) pointed to the Sun's bloody tears (Makes me think of the Church of the Eternal Fire decorations across Temple isle, but I'm not sure if that has much to do with the story besides Ciri riding towards that location) and did not draw (Either keeps going with the whole drawing for the source or is a play on words with drawing swords or bows, meaning the big four did not attack).

And then a pure Virgin appeared with bared breast, exposing her modest bosoms, ruddy and firm like ripe linden berries (Ciri?).

Then my nose became accustomed to the aroma and the vision passed. Tomorrow I shall try to unseal that well-aged sample from Genno Myvort (Maybe it's some clever joke about cheese, an anagram or whatever). It is said to have a refined, deep scent with slightly nutty aftertastes. Well. We shall see.

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