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The Minor Gripes I have With the Witcher 3

TheWitcher9 - The Minor Gripes I have With the Witcher 3

This is a post detailing some of the more minor issues I have with the "Witcher 3" after about 64 hours of playtime. I absolutely love the "Witcher" series and the Third game in is absolutely fantastic, one of the best games of all time. However like any game, its not perfect and I would love to discuss those issues with the community.

Also for reference I am playing on the Hardest difficulty Death March and I am still in Velen, after completing the Barron's main quest. I would like to avoid spoilers if possible. Thanks in advance.

  1. To Much To Do, So Little Time:

I feel as if the Whitcher 3 undermines its amazing story telling with its open world and never ending amount of quests. For me a player who never uses fast travel and who takes their time exploring every nook and cranny of a region, quests can become tedious.

Most of the secondary and, Witcher quests amount to. Find monster tracks, follow tracks, kill monster. Its only a minor gripe, but one I hope is alleviated in later sections of the game. As some secondary quest are actually very good. Especially Gwent.

I simply find it a bit off putting to be told, you must hurry to find, Ciri, only to be presented with more quests than I know what to do with. As a completionism, its hard not to do them all before continuing with the main objective.

2. Combat (So Far)

All combat amounts to so far is, strike two or thee times, doge, repeat. One example of this is a Cyclopes I found in the southern section of the Velen Map at an abandon castle. He was way higher level then me and took twenty or so minutes to kill. However, I was able to bring him down by simply striking him a few times, dodging and repeating the same thing over and over again. With the occasional bomb, or Yarden to slow him down.


Don't get me wrong, their are cool enemies. I like the Alghouls who use leaping attacks and a howling AOE to stun you. Or the Froglets who are my favorite creature so far because they are unique.

It simply feels as though combat is an after thought due to how many enemies you fight, and all of them feeling relatively similar in terms of how you go about defeating them.

3. Character Level and Where Missions Tell You To Travel

The Witcher 3 has a small issue with sending the player to regions and places were the monsters and or creatures are far to high a level than the player. For instance in a mission called " Defender of the Faith" you are tasked with reinstalling religious statues that are being cut down by a group of non believers.

This quest claims to be able to be done at level 6. Which is technically true because the only potential enemies you fight during that quest are of a comparable level. However, when you enter South Western Velen to tackle the quest, you are presented with monsters and men, far beyond your level. I won't name the creatures here for spoiler reasons, but anyone who has been to the region understands that the area is meant for higher level players.

All in all its not a huge issue, but one I think is indicative of the open world genre and my playstyle. I explore everything in a very calculated way, so for the game to tell me, nope sorry can't do that yet, Its a little frustrating in the moment.

Let it be known that the above issues I have with the game are only minor annoyances, and as I said before the Whitcher 3 is one of the best games I have ever played, just thought I'd share some of my gripes about the game in hopes of a great discussion.

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