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The Side of the Nonhumans

TheWitcher4 - The Side of the Nonhumans

I love the pockets of nonhuman cultures I stumbled upon and the stories that took place with them were some of my Most memorable.

In earlier playthroughs, I found myself siding with the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings quite often. However, in later playthroughs, I was a militant loyalist to the minorities. I had my Elven Rebel haircut, always sided with them during disputes and all my dialog choices favored them.

Hell, in every single interaction with the Scoia'tael, I ALWAYS help them or at least, compromise with them that allows them to live.

But being an Elf/Nonhuman/Mage sympathizer and overall feeling more “home” in their circles than I ever did with humans (Besides Toussaint of course.) I often had a tough choice on which side to take in this war.

  1. Roche – Temeria becomes a vassal State of Nilfgaard. Nilfgaard dominates.
  2. Radovid – Redania Rules with a Mad King
  3. Dijkstra – Redanja rules with Order and Progression
  4. Emyhr – Nilfgaard dominates.

Which side should I choose if I want the best for the Nonhumans of the Continent?

-Now Ciri plays a role in this too. Ala if she were a Witcher or Empress. I’m sure she would ban the harm of Nonhumans and help them with equality, but Empress or not, she wouldn’t make decisions on her own. She tries to help the Nonhumans too much she wouldn’t last long.


-Also, everyone lies. I keep hearing conflicting reports on Nilfgaard. Are Nonhumans welcomed or not? Also, I despise Emhyr, so I tend to never give him what he wants. Be that as it may, it doesn’t seem like people are unhappy in Nilfgaard, generally speaking of course.

-Radovid will kill everyone, not just Nonhumans, I get that. But is he only doing that (via religion) in order to takeover Novigrad?

-Making Temeria into another Toussaint is all well and good, but basically you sacrifice the rest of the Northern Realms. It is selfish because from what I’ve seen, Temeria sucks. Sure, years of war will do that, but from the opening mission of when I helped the Dwarven smith uncover the arsonist, I was like “these people aren’t worth helping anyway.” As soon as I take care of scum beating up the tavern owner, she gets mad at “me”. And I’m like…I’m done with the stupid ass hick town. Okay, that was a rant.

-Anyway, because I never wanted Roche to die, I always protected him from Djikstra, but Djikstra is the ONLY one who wants to put an end to the nonhuman/mage persecution and genocide as well as the idiotic religion that calls for it. It seems to be a genuine hatred he has along with his hatred for Radovid who embellished the religion. So…

If my goal is to create the best outcome and setting for Nonhumans in which they have the “potential” to be treated fairly or close to it, who should I side with????

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