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The strange area below the large tree

TheWitcher7 - The strange area below the large tree

So in the Witcher 3, I was exploring near the large tree in Velen, and then I reached the maps boundary, which at the time was totally normal, but as I closed the map I was walking up in the air, high above where I was previously walking. Then, after this I expected to fall, which I didn’t, thankfully. After this, I started walking, I was still high up at this point. I walked for a bit, towards the large tree, at which point I rapidly started to fall, and landed in a pit, next to a bridge that lead to a place of power. Initially, I thought that this was a good thing, as I had skipped pass a couple possible encounters, and gotten to the place of power. Everything was seemingly normal, until I started to notice my surroundings, which seemed somewhat odd, as corpses were littered everywhere, but none of them had anything to loot, and none could be inspected with Witcher senses, and on top of that a screeching could be heard the entire time, it vaguely sounded like a Wyvern, or something else similar. At the time I thought a monster nest was close, but after searching no such thing was found, and no matter where I looked, I could not find the source of the noise. After that, I went up to the top of the mountain, where I found two large bonfires, and the entire ground was covered in a thin yellow mist, that was nowhere else except here. I searched, but didn’t find anything, so I went to explore down lower where I found a cave. Outside of the cave there was a rock with a strange symbol that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the game yet, it was three lines intersecting and twisting at the ends. The symbol could not be inspected, and was not acknowledged by geralt. Nothing interesting happened inside the cave, until the end where I found a large locked door, and there was no key to be found. After this, I figured I had seen everything and decided to leave, but there was no clear exit to this location, except the door, but that was locked and had no key. After this I tried to jump out of the sides of the enclosed basin, but failed. I even tried getting roach to climb out Skyrim horse style, but that failed too. Eventually, I gave up and loaded a save file from earlier. And this is where things get weird. After this encounter, I went to go loot the bandit camp that I had looted earlier, only to run into weird glitches, and seeing bandits teleporting through bridges.


This really confused me, and creeped me out a little bit, and I would appreciate an explanation as to what is under the tree, I will attach some screenshots in a follow up post, sorry for the paragraph, thanks for reading all the way through

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