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The Witcher 3 review 4 years after

TheWitcher5 - The Witcher 3 review 4 years after

Howdy, Reddit!

After 4 years since release, I would like to talk about my all time favorite narrative driven game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3 will absorb your time like a Bruxa on a bloodmoon, but you will feel deeply in love with it afterwards for all the right reasons.

Why do people enjoy The Witcher series in general? CD Project Red genuanly care about their product and players. And unlike some other major RPG developers (I'm looking at you, Bethesda) continuously provide high quality content for us to enjoy and not just some quick cash grabs. Who would've thought that a small developer from Poland would end up being subjectively one of the best game development studios there is, but they did.

Currently CD Project doesn't have a huge line-up of games under their wing, however each one that's there is, or has been a fan-favorite at the time of its release and many years after.

It's impossible to talk about the Witcher game trilogy without mentioning the books that they are based on. Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish fantasy novelist, started his series of what is now 8 highly popular books back in 1990. The story goes about Geralt's, Ciri's and friends' adventures in the world of Eastern European folklore with a dark spin: if it's a wood's spirit, there is a cult sacrificing babies to its name, if it's Goldilocks we find her hanged on her own locks of hair. Pretty chilling stuff, but Geralt is not that easily spooked, he's a professional monster hunter with a license to kill and our main protagonist of the series.

Action, politics, love, horror and comedy – it's all there, neatly packed in 3 wonderful games. While the Witcher 3 got widely known and appraised, the first 2 chapters were a continuation of the books' plot and a great introduction to the series of games with a great story and dialogues to keep you wanting more. And more we received with the Wild Hunt being more of what we've already came to expect from the Witcher series but finally with a good budget and a solid gameplay.

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We find ourselves in a war torn country trying to find our daughter/protege/friend Ciri and stop the world from becoming a snowball, due to a threat called Wild Hunt. With the help of our friends that we know from the books and previous chapters of the game we go through turmoil to see the ending which changes depending on the way you play. Decisions pay a significant role in the Witcher giving it a good replay value.

A separate thing to mention are the DLCs, there are 2 in total, but, oh boy, are they a breath of fresh air after what we came to expect from additional paid content in other games. The Heart of Stone is a beautiful story about why you shouldn't bargain with the devil and Blood and Wine is basically Witcher 4. B&W presents a new continent on a separate map for you to explore which is almost as big as the original map, which is, believe me, pretty big. We are faced to fight vampires and be involved with royal intrigues in an Italian country scenery, it's simply majestic.

Altogether, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is polished (no pun intended) piece of entertainment that many will definitely call their favorite game, me included. Without the DLCs it's a 9 out of 10 game, however, if we value the whole package, which is dirt cheap now for what it's worth, the Witcher easily deserves a 10/10, out of the question! If you're an RPG fan, it's a must buy, if you're anything else – there won't be a moment of regret, if you decide to try it out.

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