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The Witcher TV Show: An Outsider’s Perspective

TheWitcher11 - The Witcher TV Show: An Outsider’s Perspective

Hey everybody!

I thought it might be interesting for me to chip in my two cents worth about the Netflix show. I came to it completely cold. I’ve never read the books, nor played any of the games. Obviously I’m not right or wrong about anything, but just thought I’d offer the opinion of a complete outsider.

It’s a good but very confusing show – The three different plot lines and three different timelines made it a difficult show to follow. There’s also not a whole lot of explanation about what stuff is and what’s going on. You’re just kind of thrown into the middle of it. I actually didn’t mind it that much. As a huge fan of other properties, I think that shows like this should be made for the people who are already fans of the universe. So it didn’t bother me that it took me a while to come up to speed.

It’s a better show on rewatch – But with all the confusion going on in the show, I found that it was a much better show the second time through. Rewatching it, I understood much more and enjoyed it much more.

Although parts of it do drag – There was no part of the show that I felt was a drag the first time through. But rewatching it, there were some parts that felt like they were starting to drag. Some of Yennefer’s early training at Aretuza and Ciri in the Brokilon Forest were kind of bland the second time through. I thought every scene with Geralt held up really well for multiple viewings though.

Renfri was awesome – I really liked the character, the actress was awesome, and she and Geralt seemed to have great chemistry together. Honestly, I liked her more than Yennefer, and I really wish she had been in more than just the one episode.


I don’t really understand Geralt and Yennefer getting together – Geralt at his core wants to help people. Yennefer at her core wants power. I don’t really understand how the two of them can get together because they seem like very different people. Geralt using his third wish with the Jinn to save Yen’s life I totally get. Them having sex afterwards I totally get. But Geralt using his third wish to somehow magically tie them together – a woman he’s known for less than a day – just didn’t make any sense to me.

More needed to be shown of Yennefer’s 30 years – We last see Yen in Aretuza, then cut to her 30 years later when she’s become disenchanted with court life. While the change in her opinions makes sense, it would have been nice to have that shown on screen. Maybe a single episode that shows her getting disillusioned with cleaning up messes at court.

Nilfgaard is boring – I’ve seen Game of Thrones and I’ve seen Lord of the Rings and honestly I’m kind of over the big battle scenes and evil empires trying to take over everything. It feels like it’s been done before.

The monoliths were cool – Don’t know what they are, but they seem like they’re important given that they were in multiple shots and people are studying them now.

Henry Cavil is awesome – I know a lot of people apparently had concerns about him playing the part. Again, as I’ve never read the books or played the games, I didn’t have any sort of pre-conceived notion about the character. But I really enjoyed his portrayal of Geralt and really enjoyed watching him. He was easily the best character on the show.

Overall I really enjoyed the series. I know dedicated book and game lovers were really looking forward to it, so I thought I’d just chip in with the opinion of a complete newbie.

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