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The writing in last GoT episodes (seasons?) reminds me of the Reason of State sidequest from TW3

TheWitcher6 - The writing in last GoT episodes (seasons?) reminds me of the Reason of State sidequest from TW3

Note: I still like the show, but the writing is definitely worse now then it was in the first seasons.. I hope that is something we can all agree upon

The last episodes in the show really have so many logical missteps, rushing pace to the finish line, characters acting out of character, etc..

The same can be said about the Reason of State sidequest in Witcher 3 : because the main story – which in this game is more personal compared to previous titles in the series – doesn't really deal with politics and the ongoing war on the mainland, CD Projekt RED writers wanted to deal with them in a single sidequests where the smart and complex political intrigues, twists and machinations from Witcher 2 are missing just to be replaced by resolutions at the last minute, oversimplifying the war situation, new and only "shocking" twists from all the important characters in that quest revealing them one after the other almost at the end of the quest, characters acting out of character, nonsensical "moral" dilemma/choice throw at the end at the player, etc… quest about the political situation in the whole continent basically and it take about 15 – 20 minutes to finish, appropriately available only at the end of the game because that way CD Projekt RED didn't needed to change the gameworld to reflect all the changes which did happen through that quests..


Yeah, I'm still pissed because of this quest and how CD Projekt RED handled politics in the game… TW3 is almost the perfect game for me, but because of some cases of bad writing in the game – politics, only small influence of TW2 choices on the TW3 story, characters and gameworld, how Dijkstra's end was written, how the Wild Hunt weren't really interesting villains like they were in the books and this is mostly true for Eredin, changes to the White Frost, Radovid, Dandelion.. this are my main problems with the game and it was so, so close to be in my eyes the perfect game.. I still have it installed on my HDD after 4 years, still playing it from time to time with some mods (the most recent one is one that changes the ending of Reason of State sidequest).. this is going from TW2, which in my opinion has one of the most inteligent, most complex main stories in videogame history – dialogs can be sometimes too much explanatory where in TW3 they sound more natural and therefore better and the whole game isn't as "Witchery" as some people would have liked (not many classic Witcher monster contract quests) – but the main story is just fantastic..

Read:  TL;DR: some people panicking about the casting decisions are overreacting and need to put things in perspective.

But yeah, those latest episodes of GoT remind me of this one sidequest and it's a shame, because I love GoT.. the reasons why they were and are written that way are obviously different, but it's still sad

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