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Theory: Both Witcher 3 DLCs tell the same story.

TheWitcher5 - Theory: Both Witcher 3 DLCs tell the same story.

Hypothesis: Both Witcher 3 DLCs tell the same story.

Geralt is in trouble, about to be killed. Unexpectedly, an Old Acquaintance (OA) shows up and offers help.

The OA is a person that helped Geralt find someone in the past, but that Geralt never expected to see again.

The OA looks like a perfectly regular middle-aged man. He always carries a bag, which is very noticeable, because basically nobody else in the game does. That's not important. What is important is that the man isn't actually middle-aged. Or, strictly speaking, a man.

The OA expects Geralt's help in assisting a Friend In Trouble (FIT). There's some mention of a debt between the OA and the FIT, of mutual obligations, and so on, and so forth. Geralt is needed to help pay that debt.

The FIT is (possibly) a good man at heart, if a bit wild and violent. While seemingly on the fence about Geralt's involvement, he doesn't really openly fight it, and even gives Geralt some information.

At some point, a man who looks like an animal gets killed. It upsets the inhabitants of a small kingdom.

Geralt ends up helping the OA. The quest involves meeting someone in a crypt, searching an old mansion for a woman who's turned into a monster, and meeting some incredibly rich people who like art.

Eventually, it all comes down to solving a romantic problem. FIT's female love interest is thought to be gone. Then, it turns out to be more complicated than that. Then, it's ultimately up to Geralt to decide if she lives or dies. Whether or not she does, the love story doesn't have a happy ending, as the relationship between the FIT and his love interest is beyond fu*ked up.

The problem is solved. Geralt, the OA, and the FIT agree to meet in some ruin, far away from cities and people. There's a fight. In the end Geralt makes it possible for the OA to kill the FIT. The OA says thanks, and leaves, probably never to be seen again.

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End credits.



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